AdWords is simple…?!?

Even a child can set up and run an AdWords campaign? Within seconds of posting your ad you’ve got masses of qualified buyers, credit cards in hand, banging down the gates of your website? Really? Well that’s what Google want you to think – they make it sound so simple…They want you to believe that just about anyone can instantly promote their products or services to a global market for next to nothing. They are a marketing company after all! Hang on a minute –  aren’t they in search? Free search at that – surely they’re not in it to make as much money as they can? Are you being serious? In the space of a few short years Google has become a major player in the advertising space, but what’s really astonishing is their growth rate. According to Information Week the total online advertising market is expected to exceed the TV advertising market by next year and is growing eight times faster than the overall market. The message is simple – get on board now before it’s too late.

In 2009 Google Made 14.81 Billion Dollars in Profit – Every Single Cent From Advertising!

They must be doing something right, but don’t believe everything they say is in your best interests. >clickoholics should know – all we do is manage AdWords campaigns. Clearly Google are on to something here…Everyone knows online advertising is growing at a phenomenal rate, but if you want to make AdWords work for your business then you need a partner you can trust, a partner who will bend over backwards to meet your goals, not just fill Google’s coffers.

It’s results that count

Google are right – to a point, a child could run a campaign, but it takes a special kind of know how, learned the old fashioned way, to get the right results, at the right price – without breaking the bank. Competition for limited  advertising space is increasing at a massive rate, which in turn means that the average cost per click is rising. The key to running a profitable AdWords campaign, today and in the future, is to really understand what needs to be done to keep your cost per click down to an absolute minimum. That’s our mantra – >clickoholics sole objective in every campaign we manage.

“The cost per click increased about 3 percent from a year earlier and about 2 percent from the second quarter, Google said”

That’s fantastic news for Google especially when the number of clicks is growing at a massive rate too. No wonder their profits are going through the stratosphere. Not such great news for advertisers though…That’s where we come into the picture. Google will tell you click through rate is just about ad position – what a load of old cobblers – that’s the carrot that keeps you spending! It’s all about results and we can get you a high CTR from an ad in a position as low as 6 – let us show you how today!

>clickoholics create and manage custom built Google AdWords campaigns for any budget that combine our fresh and uniqueAdWords vision with the expert knowledge of your industry, knowledge that you’ve built up over years of experience. This partnership approach is a proven means of guaranteeing achievement of your campaign objectives and will maximize quality traffic to your website, at the least cost. Targeted traffic that converts to increased sales and profit.
What sets >clickoholics apart from just about every other search engine marketing agency? We’re bespoke…bespoke you say… that’s an item custom-made to the buyer’s specification.

>clickoholics is different
Really take the time to understand your business, your online markets, your business objectives and your priorities.
Develop a customized AdWords campaign strategy around the specific needs of your business.
Focus on helping you get much more from Google AdWords than just clicks, traffic and positions.
Understand that profitability and a high campaign ROI is the name of the game.
Always in control: from strategy development to operations.
Do not outsource your core campaign to any third parties.
Stay in touch with you so that you always know what’s going on.


>clickoholics is unique

We only want to manage your campaign if it is realistic and you are committed to success. Can you trust the data Google and all the other keyword vendors provide? Are the cost of keywords in your market area in line with the budget you have right now? There’s only one way to find out and that is to test your campaign in a ‘live’ situation… When we set up your campaign with Google the only data available is the historical data that Google provides. This may be accurate, but if there is a high level of competition for those keywords in your market area the reality may be considerably different. The bottom line in our experience is that Google’s estimates are usually way out. They are not localized and that can make a huge difference.

There’s only one way to find out for sure and that’s running your campaign live… This is where >clickoholics is unique. We want to help you test an extensive keyword list before you commit. Its a recipe for success for us both. The last thing you want is for your campaign to fail – funnily enough neither do we!

For only * we will set up your account, do all the keyword research, produce a comprehensive keyword list to test, then go live and see what’s really being paid for those keywords – right now. Are they getting enough traffic to have any impact? Can you afford to bid enough to get into one of the top six positions and get any clicks? Lets find out for sure. We will put your money into a Google account and depending on the cost of your keywords, find out the truth within a few short days. Then and only then, once we know whether we can succeed or not, will we talk about any longer term options. Why risk hundreds of dollars to get this basic information?

Why do other agencies not allow you to test drive the viability of your campaign before you make a longer term commitment? Makes you wonder doesn’t it? Send us your details in the contact form below and once we receive your payment we’ll set up your Google account and get straight to work on your behalf…

Take the 99 Dollar Test Drive* Today!
Don’t get left behind…

How can you be really sure that AdWords will work for your business? How do you know if you have a budget that will deliver the results you need? Other agencies will sign you up for a full campaign. Once the campaign goes live those keywords could cost too much for your current budget and there’s no turning back – not for your current month’s investment, or even worse you may be in a long term contract. Until today there was no other option. Introducing the AdWords Test Drive. The only program of its kind anywhere on the market. We figured it made sense to let our clients find out the answer to these important questions as quickly and risk-free as possible. It made sense for them and it made sense for us that our client had a realistic expectation of what their budget could and could not deliver.

The >clickoholics AdWords Test Drive*includes:
Google AdWords account setup
Compile comprehensive list of keywords
Create killer test ads
Run campaign on test drive budget
Measure… measure… measure
Which keywords generate clicks at least cost?
Deliver client report
Can you run a viable campaign within budget?

At this point we are not too concerned about writing the best possible ad and all the other fine tuning that will be implemented during the course of your campaign. What we need to find out is the going rate for keywords in your industry in the geographical area that you market into. Do longer tailed (cheaper and targeted) keyword phrases attract enough traffic to get clicks? One way or the other we’ll be able to tell you exactly how little you can expect to run your campaign for. That’s the idea – pay less for each click. This is how to fast track the whole process without unnecessarily spending a bucketload of hard to come by cash. AdWords keywords can cost more than a click…>clickoholics are paying an average cost per click of 21c! Do yourself a favor and let us show you we can do this for you. It’s all about getting those keywords for less. But if it can’t be done and that can be the case…this is the only risk free way to find out for sure. This strategy is the reason you are reading this right now!

New to AdWords?

You’ve never used AdWords before or maybe never even heard of AdWords… you need to understand the fundamentals of this powerful technology and then… BOING! That lightbulb moment! You will see for yourself how AdWords will help you to market your business for a whole lot less than you are spending right now. Add up all your current marketing spend both on and offline right now. Adds up real quick doesn’t it? You know what…..let us show you how you’ll get far better, targeted results at a fraction of your current spend! The goal of this website is to provide you with the material to come to this conclusion for yourself. >clickoholics can then create and manage your campaign! Don’t forget to fill out the contact form today and you’ll qualify for a credit of against every months AdWords spend†! Try us for one month without any binding agreement. We charge no account set up fees – some agencies charge ,500 or more just to set up your account! There can be a lot of work involved, it depends on the size of your campaign. We are so confident of your long term business that not only will you receive a 0 credit** against your first months AdWords spend, but you won’t be charged a single cent to set up your account.

Using AdWords?

You are currently running a campaign either in house or using another agency. Ask yourself a few questions right now about your campaign. Am I getting the best results possible? Is my budget being spent in the most efficient way? How could I reduce my average cost per click and get more clicks per dollar? Am I getting the best value for my marketing dollar? How much do I pay my staff to do this in house? Could they do a better job? Am I paying for my agency’s lavish offices? WHY? >clickoholics is new, we have to run a very tight ship and have a unique, fresh approach that delivers immediate results to our clients.

Take the >clickoholics challenge

Try us out – give us a couple of months. If you have a large campaign we don’t even want it all – just yet! Give us some of your ad groups to manage – then compare the results we deliver. We are that confident of our abilities and want the opportunity to prove it to you. No binding long term contracts – no account set up fees. As a new client you will also receive a 0 credit** against your first months AdWords spend.

“In a world where the ends seem to justify the means, >clickoholics provide a focused end to end service in an ethical transparent manner, that will set the standard for years to come”

OK so we’ve whetted your appetite, how about the meat in the sandwich? Take a few more minutes and have a look around the site, take a bite here or there, there’s plenty of tasty material to get your teeth into. We’ll show you exactly how we can get results for you. If you have any comments let us know or contact us directly on 914 595 1918 or better still fill out the contact form and tell us about your specific needs – We know we can help you! No matter what! We are always happy to talk whenever we can, client or not, we want to help you get to get the most out of this powerful, ever evolving technology.



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