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Adwords Killer is a course created by Will Halliburton, a marketer who was involved with affiliate marketing since 2003. This course aims to teach people to win in the affiliate marketing business using Google Adwords as a traffic source. Will has written a step-by-step guide that starts from finding products to promote to expanding your profits.

Detailed Overview

Ever since Chris Carpenter popularized affiliate marketing with his book Google Cash, there have been numerous books released on the subject over the last few years. After reading a couple of them, you start to wonder if there’s anything new to learn from a new book. Many of these guides provide basic information about setting up an Adwords campaign or contain rehashed info from other books on the subject.

With that said, is there any value to Will Halliburton’s course Adwords Killer? Let’s find out. The course is an eBook sold on Clickbank and enrolls you in a membership where Will delivers extra content. The book starts off on the right path by going into niche research.

You’ll learn the indicators that help you pick the best products to promote. Will suggests looking for the keyword first than finding the product rather than the opposite. This was a surprise to me as most people suggest the opposite. However, I realized that this can help you really find the opportunities across many markets rather than being stuck with a few products you have to do keyword research for.

The focus also departs from promoting Clickbank products like many other guides and talks about other affiliate programs. This is important as many Clickbank products are saturated with competition and there are many other profitable products and service to promote. I’m glad Will talks about this, as many people have a hard time with Clickbank and aren’t even keen on the importance of other affiliate networks.


Next is the section on keyword selection. The highlights of this section is the strategy on using brand name keywords and learning how to figure out which keywords are worth testing and which are just a waste of your money. You also get 47 different negative keywords you can use to filter out the non buyers.

Adwords Killer does a great job on teaching you how to write great ads and boost CTR. It also covers how to get the lowest bid with ad groups and little tweaks you can make to help profitability. You’ll also get some information on setting up landing pages and boosting your conversions. My only complaint is that this section has very broad, and there isn’t much information on tracking. I think tracking is the most important part of using Adwords but too many guides are broad or bad on covering the subject.

I found immense value in how Will uses the content network to get his traffic for pennies on the dollar. I’ve read about this strategy before, but Will does a great job explaining it and teaching you how he uses this huge traffic source to promote as an affiliate.


Overall, Adwords Killer is a solid, straightforward guide that helps you profit with affiliate marketing. Unlike many other books on affiliate marketing with Adwords, it doesn’t contain any fluff or spend most of the time covering the basics (opening an account, setting up campaigns, etc.). I think it stands out as one of the better books I’ve read recently.

Will covers all the important topics such as finding products, keyword research, ad optimization, ad writing, conversion and more. If you’re like me and have read 10 or more books on the topic, you’ll obviously find many overlapping tricks and strategies. But to me the value is in the little nuggets of gold – Will has different takes on certain strategies compared to other marketers.

My philosophy is that if I learn a couple of new tricks or strategies from an Adwords book, it’s worth it. This is because it’s easy to make a couple of small changes in your campaigns and see a big profit increase. I can confidently recommend this course, as I think this book will benefit beginners and intermediates alike. Experienced Adwords marketers will pick up a few great tips and tricks but won’t find anything groundbreaking.

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