Adwords Secrets – The Perfect Adwords Guide

Adwords Secrets – The Perfect Adwords Guide



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Why Waste Time Guessing Which Ads Convert When You Can Just Use the Already Successful Ad Campaigns of Super Affiliates?
A Quick Story
When I first started online, I bought every worthless “get rich quick scheme” available. I was working at an emergency animal hospital at night, just to earn extra cash to pay for these ebooks and courses. You know… after nearly a year I still hadn’t seen one dime of profit! I was working my butt off, and just getting poorer and poorer. I was just about to throw in the towel…

That’s when it hit me… If I could just get ahold of EXACTLY what the super affiliate gurus were doing, I could simply replicate it and succeed off their efforts.

Well that is precisely what my Adwords Cheater report does! I have researched and compiled mounds of successful PPC campaigns that are being run by super affiliates who are RAKING IN THE CASH on a daily basis.

I’m talking about THOUSANDS of dollars each day!

I used to pick the high gravity Clickbank products and try to promote them on Google Adwords, but I always ended up spending more on ad costs than I got in commissions… obviously, that is the exact opposite of what I was trying to do!

I thought to myself, these products are obviously selling well (hence the high gravity), but I just couldn’t figure out how the super affiliates were doing it…

Here’s a Freebie Secret…
Not all high gravity Clicbank products are created equal!

What do I mean by that? Simple. Many Clickbank products have high gravity almost exclusively because of email list conversions. PPC campaigns don’t work for all products.

That’s the Beauty of Adwords Cheater!
In my report, I ONLY include those Clickbank products that convert well via PPC campaigns!

Let me give you an example… “Earth 4 Energy” currently has very high gravity… it simply DOES NOT convert via PPC campaigns. It mainly has high gravity because of email lists and blog posts promoting it… and for that reason, you WILL NOT find me trying to push that product on you in this report. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure E4E is a great product… just not for PPC affiliates.

You see? Not all high gravity Clickbank products are created equal… you MUST KNOW which products convert well via PPC if you want to run a successful PPC campaign.

But Most Importantly…
You must know which headlines and descriptions
produce – not only clicks, but conversions!
And That is EXACTLY What Adwords Cheater Tells You!


My Adwords Cheater Report Includes 500+ Pages of:

*EXACT Ad Headlines
*EXACT Ad Descriptions
*EXACT Display URLs
*EXACT Keywords
*Keyword Search Volume
*How Long the Ad Has Been Running!


The report you’re about to purchase includes top secret, competitive intelligence for some of the most profitable ClickBank products currently on the market.



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