Adwords Secrets – When to Use the Content Network

Hi Guys, in this article I want to take a look at the Google adwords content network system, and show you how to turn your wasted cash into pure profit.

Before we get started, I just want to point out that this article is for people who already understand the adwords system. So, If you don’t know much about adwords, or are at an intermediate level, then please download my FREE Adwords Ebook. This is a beginners step by step guild, with lots of killer tips, tricks and adwords secrets.

But First, let me explain a little bit about what the content network is before I start sharing the adwords secrets.

The Adwords Content Network is simply a way in which Google places your Adwords ad on to it’s partner websites. As you may or may not know, Google has millions of partner websites spanning just about every business industry that there is. Which means, if you turn your content network on (Explained later), then your Adwords ad will be in prime position for massive exposure. You could literally have you ad in for of tens of thousands of web users per day.

I know what your thinking “This is huge”. And yes you would be right in thinking that, but like all good things, there is a setback. And that simply is that IT DOES NOT WORK!.

Or so they say…

Let take a little look further in to this, before we look at the adwords secrets.

Depending on who it is that you are listening to, will depend on your beliefs sounding the whole ‘adwords content network’ argument. It’s no secret that for a long time now it’s been banded around the internet marketing world that adwords content network simply does not work. It’s only drives un-targeted traffic to your website and It almost impossible to get any real high conversions.

The reason being is based on pure psychology.

Think about it – If you was to use Googles Search Network (Google) and enter in your search query (what you are looking for). Then proceed to click on one of the Adwords ads that match your search query. Then the chances are that you are more likely to buy.


Let me break this down.

You enter ‘videos on dog training lessons’. This means that you are looking for ‘videos on dog training lessons’. So, when an ad appears on the right hand side of google, and say ‘videos on dog training lessons’, then you click through and the landing page also has videos that you can buy on dog training lessons. Then the chances are very high that you will buy. Because you found what you were looking for.

Now, lets look at the content network. If you are randomly looking at a website to do with dog collars, and you see an ad for ‘videos on dog training lessons’, you might click through out of curiosity. But, you mindset i not is the same buying cycle as if your were to have actually search for the videos.

So in short, the Adwords content network will bring you lots of traffic, but hardly no converting traffic. Unless you know the adwords secrets.

As you can imagine, this is a problem. How can we as business owners turn all of this none converting traffic in to converting traffic? Thats the big question.

The answer is so simple, and I’ve been doing it for ages.

The Adwords Secrets Revealed:

Through out my marketing career, I have been fully aware that if you want to sell to people, you must first understand what they want. This is no secret, and a very obvious statement. However, it is still very much over looked.

Lets go back to the buying cycle.

If I search for a solution to my problem, and I find your website with the solution. Then I will buy from you. Because it will solve my problem.

If I randomly come across your website, then I wont be from you. BUT…


It’s that simple!

Let take a look at the adwords secrets in a bit more depth.

The user is not in a position to buy from you there and then, but thats not to say that they never will buy from you. So make sure that you capture there contact details so you can market to them at a later date.

Send all of your content network traffic to a designated landing page, where you are not selling to them. Instead, capture their details by using a op-tin form (Name & Email), However, you must incentives them to give you their details, so offer them something of real value, and give it to them for FREE.

Once you have their contact details, you can then promote your product to them when ever you want. Next week, month or even year.

Like I said, I use these adwords secrets all the time and always get amazing results.

Just remember so separate your content network ads from your search network ads.


Thanks for reading.

Kind regards
Jeff Spires

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