Adwords: Why Beginners Cannot Make it Work

Every beginner has one or both of these fantasies about AdWords:

1. Simply grab a few affiliate links, advertise them with Google AdWords, and then watch the money roll in!

2. Build a site, forget about SEO, advertise with AdWords, and success is just around the corner!

You may already know it is not that easy. Like most of us, you probably don’t care to admit how much money you have lost to Google – I know I hate to think how much I gave away to them in the past.

Fortunately, I did not give up on the Adwords system. I was determined to find out what those few, super-successful people were doing with Adwords to make it all work. I believed the system could be very profitable in the right hands even for beginners.

I was right; I too would soon be enjoying Pay-Per-Click success!

I dug in and studied what the few successful people were doing. I read everything I could on the subject. I joined several of the top guru’s membership sites and received help from them. Then I practiced with AdWords…a LOT!

After a while I began having some success here and there. Now days, the bulk of my sales are the result of my successful AdWords campaigns! Once beginners understand the system and the real science behind AdWords success, things become much easier for them.


After being asked over and over for help with Adwords, I saw a real need for something beginners could use to dramatically shorten the learning curve. Instead of only seeing a credit card bill, beginners need real help for faster success instead of the trial and error methods which only result in lost money to Google.

If you are new to AdWords, or if you tried before and gave up, please know that Adwords does not have to be a “money pit”. There really is a method which must be learned and used. A beginner simply cannot begin a campaign; throw in some keywords, and then hope for the best.

Too many beginners commit deadly mistakes in their campaigns such as leaving the content network enabled or choosing to accept Google’s suggested bid and budget. There are a dozen different deadly mistakes a beginner can make with AdWords. However, even knowing the common mistakes is not enough. A workable strategy still must be put into place which enables keywords, ads, and landing pages to all work together.

Without going into too much detail here, the first help a beginner needs is for keyword selection methods. Great keywords do not come from the free keyword tools which are so prevalent online. There is far more to choosing Adwords keywords then copying and pasting what a free online tool suggests.

Beginners to AdWords must learn the science behind choosing keywords. However, just that one step is not enough. Without knowing how to properly tie the Adwords ad and the landing page to the keyword, failure and nothing but a credit card bill will be the only result for the beginner.

AdWords is so easy to set up. A beginner can begin advertising in a matter of minutes but will usually lose money 99% of the time. The 1% of Adwords beginners who have mastered the system have learned to apply a rather complex technique for choosing and filtering keywords and matching them to correct ad copy and landing pages.

The methods used for success are not rocket science; they are not simple either. If they were, everyone would be wealthy buying clicks!

The best part about “the system” is that, once perfected, the same system can be applied to any niche! Imagine the power in mastering that system. Google AdWords opens the doors to potentially massive traffic. All the beginner must do is seek out quality help and advice and then apply that knowledge.

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