Beating Adwords Review

The majority of Internet marketers know about Google Adwords and its power to drive laser-targeted traffic for the products or services they created or are affiliated with. However, Adwords can cause high monthly advertising costs, especially for new and unprepared marketers who think they can make easy money with Pay-Per-Click advertising. Since Google uses very complex algorithms to determine the placement of advertisers’ ads and never reveals anything about their inner workings, only experienced Adwords marketers know how to get the most exposure for the least amount of money. Those who are making money through Adwords created their campaigns mainly based on their experience gained by years of struggling with Google.

With Google’s ever-changing system, even veteran marketers have to monitor the changes that may affect their existing campaigns, which has made it harder and harder to advertise on Google. Mastering the techniques to use Google Adwords to drive targeted traffic is already a popular Internet marketing topic on its own. There are many websites and publications out there that are solely devoted to teaching people how to get the most out of their Adwords campaigns.

In my opinion, ‘Beating Adwords’ is the most comprehensive Adwords guide published so far. What I like most is the practical and step-by-step approach shown in this eBook. ‘Beating Adwords’ clearly points out that organized advertising and commitment to sticking to the basics are essential to making decent money online. To make your online business a success, you have to put your advertising system on autopilot first. But this requires a lot of painstaking work, to be honest with you.

‘Beating Adwords’ is written by Kyle and Carson, two successful young online marketers who are also the respected owners of WealthyAffiliate.com. They know exactly how Google Adwords works, and they reveal the secrets behind Google’s complicated system by guiding readers step by step in creating Adwords campaigns.

‘Beating Adwords’ begins with an introduction to affiliate marketing and PPC advertising in section 1. Sections 2 and 3 offer an examination of Google Adwords and techniques to choose affiliate programs and to find profitable keywords. Sections 4 to 7 take a close look at Adwords optimization skills, including how to write effective ad copy that sells, how to group relevant keywords, techniques to obtain a high Quality Score, advanced bidding strategies, and dynamic keyword insertion, to name just a few.

You may have heard that Google changed their ad ranking and relevancy algorithms not long ago, which has affected advertisers worldwide. The most common effect is with regard to minimum bid prices that skyrocket to ridiculously high. To help advertisers get their campaigns back to normal, ‘Beating Adwords’ devotes the entire section 8 to creating relevant landing pages with enough keyword density. With web page optimization skills, advertisers can stay ahead of the competition by getting maximum exposure for the least amount of money.

Staying focused and organized is the most important, yet most challenging, aspect of growing an affiliate marketing business. ‘Beating Adwords’ is a powerful library of Adwords information with no confusing fancy jargon. It will keep advertisers on the right track, points them to the right direction, and goes all the way till they start making money online. I’m sure not only Internet advertising beginners will benefit from the secrets unveiled in this eBook, experienced marketers will also gain an insight into Google Adwords using the advanced tips contained in it. I have benefited a lot from Beating Adwords. And I’m sure that it will help advertisers dramatically in their efforts to win in the highly competitive affiliate marketing business.

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