Google Adwords Guide – How To Avoid Google Adwords Pitfalls

If you have ever wanted to “crack the code” on the secret skills that keep the best Google AdWords pro’s in “the money” year after year… and do it fast, so you can start really making money in your business almost immediately… then this will be the most exciting thing you ever read.

Here is the story:

Every good marketer knows there are just three basic things behind winning AdWords campaigns — (1) a clickable attention getting ad… (2) a decent click-through rate… and (3) mastering the techniques keyword targeting. Oh yeah, have a great product to promote too, but we know you have a couple of good ones, right?

Some guys think they can buy their way to the top of Google AdWords…but it is frightfully expensive, I know…I tried that and failed, maybe you did too! You have seen them – top of the line websites with mega budgets bidding the ads sky-high so that a little marketer like you and I just can not hope to compete! So, you do not have the big bucks to throw away on Google AdWords! Most marketers do not and the cost of Google AdWords ad bid price is getting just plain…well, shameful!

Google is pocketing your money

Google is pocketing all your money just like she used to do mine! Many are searching the Internet for the “next big thing” to help them with running their Google AdWords campaigns. You know the story, you buy the next biggest hyped ebook or whatever and still it does not work like they said it would and your campaigns are still not making you the money you want! Well, that is NOT the end of the story…here is why.

The top Google AdWords pros are keeping a nasty secret from you. Sure, they create the new ebooks and courses to show their expertise, and even occasionally “reveal” ONLY SOME of their favourite tips on handling Google AdWords and show off just a few of their own hard won tips and tricks…

One thing the “AdWords Guru Pros” do not want you to have, is the knowledge or the REAL SECRETS of the science of Google AdWords that will give you the pro-level AdWords skills, that will make you just as smart as they are!


I discovered REAL SECRETS of the science of Google AdWords when I watched the Google AdWords Guide DVD. It was like going back to school, having a teacher standing in front of class or over your shoulders teaching you. As I watched the AdWords Guide DVD I started to see things I was not doing right with my AdWords Campaigns. By the time I finished watching the DVDs I was armed to Beat Google at Her Own Game and avoid AdWords mine field and her Slaps.

Whether you agree with me or not, many have a busy lifestyle and some finding it difficult to read and to understand. Educational Videos come very handy in this respect. Unlike teachers in a literal classroom you can rewind and replay points that you need more understand.

When you watch screen captured videos and commentary with the mouse moving on the screen showing you what to do, it feel so real, it gives a sense of someone standing by teaching you. One thing is to read about a story, but quite another to see it in action movie – on the screen. Some of us learn and comprehend more this way than to read, or what do you think?

The¬†Guide To Google AdWords DVD will give you much more than you ever thought, is very interactive, taken you back to your classroom days. it has been especially designed to meet the needs of anyone who really want to succeed with Google AdWords campaigns. Owning and immersing yourself on the information in the DVD means you will suddenly have more campaigns with more ads making more money for you day and night!…


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