Google Awdords Optimizing – your secret pathway to successful Adwords Campaigns

One of the technologies which is almost synonymous with the internet and internet marketing is Google Adwords and Google Adsense, but how do we ensure that we are getting good value for money?

Through a process called Google Adwords Optimizing.

But before we get to that, we need to step back a moment and understand what is a successful Adwords Campaign ?

The simple answer is a successful Adwords campaign is one that makes you money!
In very simple terms, you make money when the level of sales exceeds the cost of your Adwords campaign. The actual amount of money you can make depends solely on how wide you can make that gap.

So, whatever the product, service you choose to sell or promote, you need to do two things:

1. Minimise the cost of your adwords
2. Maximise the value of the sale

But here’s the rub. Google Adwords can be very expensive, because of the fact that Google choose an auction model for their Adwords, cost per click can quickly escalate, especially if you are working with very popular and short keywords such as ‘Credit Card’ or ‘Online Business’ and as the cost per click increases, the profit declines.

This is where Google Adwords Optimizing comes in, this process allows you to focus on the cost of your campaign, you can minimise the cost of your campaign, without compromising on either the quality or the volume of the traffic you generate, but like anything worthwhile it takes effort and time.

Steps required for Effective Google Adwords Advertising:

1. Thoroughly Research Your Google Adwords Keyword
2. Select the product or service you want promote carefully
3. Set up test campaigns on a limited run with capped daily cost
4. assess the performance carefully looking at costs Vs sales
5. Assuming step 4 give acceptable results go live on a higher daily cap
6. Montor the spend vs sales daily.

Step 1 is critical. And the rest of this article will be focussed on this area.

Most newcomers to the world of Google Adwords tend to look for Adwords that will generate lots of traffic, but the problem is that you end up paying through the nose for them because they are very competitive and therefore command high cost per click rates.

The concept is that it is much better to have a large collection of less competitive Adwords, each contributing a smaller volume of traffic, but which overall delivers the number of visitors you need.

Another benefit of less competitive Adwords is that they tend to be more focussed and therefore the quality of the visitors to your proposition will tend to be higher.

Someone who puts ‘Credit Cards’ into the search engine is not necessarily looking to buy a credit card, they may only be looking for general information on credit cards.

On the other hand someone who puts in ‘How do I get the best Credit Card deal?’ is much more likely to be in buying mode and the second phrase would cost you less because of its less competitive nature.

There are lots of free tools on the internet, that enable you conduct your Adwords keyword research. In addition to Google Itself it is well worth visiting where you can join for free and utilise their tools to identify less competitive keywords.

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