How to Outsmart Your PPC Competition and Make More Money Online

PPC advertising is a challenge for the best internet marketers. It’s not as simple as picking a few keywords and throwing up some ads any more. That worked 10 years ago, but in case you’ve been hiding under a rock you’ll know that with the increasing levels of competition and the growing complexity of Google’s AdWords quality score algorithm it’s getting more difficult to make money from AdWords and other PPC methods. Even with software like PPC Webspy and others that spy on your competitor’s ads, it’s hard to make a living from it.

One of the biggest factors that has to be taken into account with PPC advertising on the search engines, and with Google in particular is the ‘quality score’ that is given to your ad to determine how high you rank for a keyword. For AdWords in particular that quality score can make or break you. Simply get your quality score higher and you can rink higher and pay less. This is one of the keys to overcoming the stiff levels of competition for high profit keywords.

To increase your quality score you have to make sure that your landing page, ad and keywords are highly relevant to your target market. Measures of your click through rate and you keyword relevance are taken into account in the algorithms that effect your score. To improve your relevance you first have to start writing ads specific for a targeted group of keywords and you must have a specific landing page that is written for those keywords alone. Knowing a little about search engine optimization helps here and getting some targeted anchor text backlinks to your landing page with the keywords you are targeting in your ads will add weight to the ‘argument’ that you landing page is relevant in the eyes of the search engines.

Also, knowing what keywords and bids your competitors are focussing on will add to your ability to compete. There are a lot of different software programs and tools that you can use to spy on your competitors AdWords campaigns. I use PPC Webspy (produced by Brad Callen & Bryxen Software) and one of the reasons I think this program is good is that it is free to test and learn while also having a Platinum upgrade feature. But whatever you use, or whether you go through the tedious process of trying to manually check out what your competition is doing, you simply must be working hard at this to be in the game with a chance.

PPC advertising can be a great way to drive highly targeted traffic to your websites and to earn money as an affiliate, but only if you can be competitive. Learning search engine optimization that you can apply to your landing page to make it more relevant gets you a higher quality score and lower cost per click. Also, spying on your competitors helps you to be more competitive and take it to the best performers. Whatever you do, you must be careful not to overspend. Learn these principles and you can make more money from PPC advertising.

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