Keyword You Can Abuse to Drive Traffic

I will share with you some keywords that misspelled and drive traffic for it has significant number of searches every month. These keywords are extracted in Google Adwords. And I do hope this article will top the search engine for it is exactly the same word of what the researchers search for unless google will not offer search suggestion and correct the misspelled word.

These keywords are unintentionally typed in so, most of the time the search engine offer the right one. Sometimes, these misspelling keywords are competitive also even though they are misspelled.

To start with, “philipinen”, philipinen according to Wikipedia is related to Philippine. The German word for Philippine is Phillipinen. So this word, philipinen, is either misspelling or this word is being search by in Germany.

Second, “philipine”, if you will type philipine in google you will see result something like this, showing results for philippine. Search instead for philipine. And the first search result, at the time of this writing, is the Philippines Airlines official website. I do hope will be replaced by this article soon.

Next, philippinenews, this word is not a wrong spelling but there is no space between two words. The right one should be “Philippine news”. This keyword is owned by So everytime someone type the word philippinenews, that website is the one on top. And, if you type in the right word, Philippine news, still on top is that website and a little different on succeeding results. Webmasters or owner of that site really lucky with that word because the keyword, philippinenews, have more than 100,000 searches in a month.

Same instances is how someone search for the following word, “latestnews”, “news to day”, “newstoday”, “news papers”, “news paper”. Of course the correct word should be “latest news”, “news today”, news today”, “newspapers” and “newspaper” respectively.

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