Making Money Fast Using Google

When someone wants to know how to make money quickly, experienced internet marketers and webmasters usually answer with “Google Adwords”. The reason for that is quite simple: Google is the single largest search engine on the internet, and their keyword targeted advertisements drive enormous amounts of traffic to other peoples websites every day.

When you use Google Adwords, you create ads that you believe are attractive to your prospective customer based on keywords you have decided are related to your website. One of your goals with Adwords is to ensure your ad appears on the first page of Googles search results in response to someone searching using your chosen keywords. By being within the top five to eight ads usually guarantees a first page result. This ensures your website gets the maximum amount of traffic possible.

Because Google Adwords can drive large volumes of people to your website very quickly, you can make money just as quickly. So long as the amount you make from sales from your website visitors is greater than the cost of clicks on your Adwords ad, you will make a profit. Just don’t get over zealous and bid too high for the keywords that trigger your ads.

One important factor that will determine how much you have to bid for your keyword targeted ads is the ads click through rate i.e. how many people click on your ad compared to the number of times the ad was displayed. To make sure your get a decent click through rate, and therefore lower minimum bids for your keywords, make sure you create an attractive, eye-catching and action grabbing ad. You have three lines available on each ad, plus a fourth line for the website address that you want people to visit. Use them wisely.

After you’ve submitted your ad, and set how much in total you’re willing to spend for each click, Google will start showing your ads almost immediately. If someone searches Google using any one of the keywords you have bidded on, your ad will be displayed along with the normal search results. And if they then click on your ad, they will be presented with your website and offered your products or services. Which if they then go on to purchase, you will have made some money.

Of course, it doesn’t even need to be your product or service.  Quite a lot of people make money by selling other peoples products or services in exchange for a commission (popularly known as affiliate marketing).  For example, take a look at the most popular online eBook sellers, ClickBank. All of the products there are other peoples creations, and ClickBank will give you a commission for selling any of them.

So, making money fast online can easily be done with the help of those nice people over at Google. Why not give it a go.

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