Secret FREE GOOGLE ADWORDS ebook review

Article by Ifeanyi Obi

Secret “Get Google Adwords For Free” Ebook – Review

I recently bought the ebook everyone’s been talking about (called “Get Google Adwords Free”) the other day so I decided to write a review. In a nutshell it was an information packed ebook (125 PAGES) that explained how to achieve and maintain a constant #1 ranking on Google Adwords as well as how to get MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of dollars in “pay per clicks” for a cost of ZERO. Unbelievable I know (continue reading).

What is even more interesting is how the author claims to have brought in over MILLION DOLLARS income yearly using the “secret” in “Get Google Adwords Free”, and on top of that, an unheard of MILLION DOLLARS in FREE Google Adwords advertising.

I must admit hearing bold claims like these definitely got my attention. I wanted to know what he knew about Google Adwords that I didn’t. I have wasted a lot of time and spent lot of money making Google Adwords work for me, and this guy seemed to have me beat. So after reading the sales page TWICE I bought the ebook. I reasoned that since I bought this “Get Google Adwords Free” ebook through CLICKBANK I was protected, as I knew that CLICKBANK would refund my money back if I wanted a refund with no questions asked.

With this peace of mind I was able to systematically read AND critique this man’s “secret” methods. What I discovered in “Get Google Adwords Free” was the detailed methods to achieve exactly what the sales page boasts. If you were to put in action the claimed “secret” that he suggests, you will have achieved free Google adwords advertising (or any other pay per click service out there for that matter). I could have kicked myself for not thinking of this “secret” already. All the methods are completely LEGAL and break NO laws whatsoever. You may laugh, but I feel that soon everyone will be utilizing this “secret” method in one form or another in the very near future.

On a personal note, after actually implementing just a few of the techniques that he suggests I immediately saw a 150% increase in unique visitors to my website and my daily sales tripled that same day. I think the methods in “Get Google Adwords Free” will work for anyone with a 4th grade reading level.

Of course there is a section to where he gives you the opportunity to sell “Get Google Adwords Free”, his ebook. His firm researches that out of 46,000 people surveyed 96% said that, ‘getting Google Adwords free’ was their most sought after information.

The affiliate section of his website is the most impressive section that I have seen in years. Full of any marketing tool that you can think of to help you make money easily. I think he has certainly gone to great lengths to ensure his readers’ success.

I do feel like he could have gotten his point across without a huge hyped up sales page, but I guess I would not have given “Get Google Adwords Free” a second thought if it had not gotten my attention with such huge claims.

All things aside I did learn techniques that I did not know before, and I have been using Google Adwords for some time now. I personally feel that upon reading “Get Google Adwords Free” you will be one more step closer to success than you were before reading it. Even an advanced Google Adwords guru can come away with something I’m sure.

My honest recommendation would be to give it a read, as it comes with a “money back guarantee” anyway, you would have nothing to loose. I personally will be keeping my copy of “Get Google Adwords Free” to save it with my other useful ebooks.


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