What about them Google AdWords

So you’re wondering what Google AdWords are and if you should use them?
Google AdWords are a popular way to advertise your online business through pay-per-click ads at a targeted audience. (Pay-per-click means you only pay money when your ads are clicked.) You target your audience by selecting keywords, which ensures you gain online exposure to people WHO ARE interested in your services.

However, do to the popularity of Google AdWords it can be difficult to find affordable keywords. Keywords determine the amount you pay-per-click. This can make it difficult to have a positive ROI (Return On Investment) through your ads–but don’t let this get you down. The nice thing about effectively using Google Adwords is YOU CAN have a positive ROI. Just don’t purchase the highest priced keywords nor purchase the lowest either. Additionally, by using Google AdWords you can be certain your ads are seen by people interested in your services and business.

How are AdWords displayed and where?
When you go to Google and search, along the right column with the search results are the Adwords. The AdWords are displayed along this right column according to the keywords used in the ad. Another area you will find AdWords are in Google’s Gmail service. These AdWords are placed according to web pages and newsletters. AdWords can be further customized to show in individual websites or other placements through the Google content network.

Do bear in mind that the placement of ads are matched to pages on the Google content network, through relative targeting factors.

So now you some knowledge about adwords but that is only half of it. Below are a few tips to write an effective AdWords ad:

Try and promote ads that are geared towards your targeted audience.
As mentioned above, don’t pay for the high-priced keywords. The higher cost can have a negative impact on your ROI. You may have the top spot with higher priced keywords, but this does not mean more money earned to your pocket.
Conversely don’t pay to little for keywords either. This can cause your ads to never show up in the first few search result pages – if ever. There is a happy medium in purchasing keywords, and the factors associated with this medium depends on budget and what works best for you.
Test your ad headline constantly. Try and see what your competitors are putting in their headline. Test headlines to see which ones bring you the greatest conversions.
Google AdWords can be very useful to get your online business out into the web at low costs – comparative to other advertising methods. To learn more about Google AdWords or to begin creating your own ads visit the AdWords home page at Google.com.


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