Why claim your business in Google places

Google places is a the new Google local search interface. There are still your typical search results, although they are no longer called sponsored links and are now referred to as just ‘ads’.

After doing a typical local search you will be able to see that from the organic listings Google Places vary in their positions. Sometimes they are directly under the paid ‘ads’ with no, to very few organics. Other times you will find a few organic results appear first, followed by the Place listings. Whether this will settle and we will see a more defined local search page is yet to be seen however at the moment the results will vary.

Google has been experimenting with different local search structures for a while now however the most recent and definitive change came to Australian local search on the 21st October 2010 when Google started rolling out what we currently know as the new format for Google Places.

Lets talk a little bit more about Places and your Google Place listing. In order to have a Place Listing, it is 100% free and all listings need to be owner verified. In all listings you can upload images of your business or your projects, define your hours of operations and the categories you cater too among other things. Information in your place listing will also power Google maps, streetview and even Google Mobile so make sure you put as much relevant information as you can. You can claim everything here 100% free of charge.

The fact that this new local search powers so much of Google’s current data shows you just how important it is to be part of Google Places and the need to quickly claim and enhance your listing.

I will at another time talk about the dos and donts so you know what to do when you claim your place page as well as how to optimise your places page.

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