Bing Optimization – How to Optimize Your Site For Bing

Bing is the new search engine from Microsoft, taking over the previous search engine, Microsoft live. Bing like other search engines, crawl and index vast amount information on Net to return the most relevant final results for its customers. Bing boasts of providing search results that will speedily answer the search query.

Bing categorizes the results in various ways to make it far more user friendly.

1. Content: The quantity of content material on a internet web page appears to be a large factor for Bing, compared to other search engines. It is a great notion to have content material of atleast 300 words on your web page.

two. Domain age: Bing appears to be contemplating domain age seriously as domain age shows expertise. So it is a good concept to purchase an old domain.

3. Excellent title: Titles that correlate to the topic does really well in Bing benefits. So make certain that you write informative titles that describes in brief about the topic of the page.

four. Outbound links: Numerous search engines, such as Google decrease your web page rank and give it to others if they encounter outbound links on your web page. Bing, on the other hand seems to adore these links.

5. Anchor text: Utilizing anchor text when linking to your site usually assists in search final results. Search engines choose the high quality of the internet site based on the number of inbound links your web page has with high quality anchor text.

6. Blogging is bad: Bing seems to be neglecting blogs as they do not seem to rank properly in Bing search benefits.

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