Bing providing Rewards for every search that you do

Microsoft has been identified for various loyalty applications for quite some time now. These consist of SearchPerks and Cashback mostly. Microsoft now comes up with the Bing Rewards Preview (Beta). The way this reward program works is equivalent to credit cards or the loyalty programs that have been presented by Airlines. The credits that you accumulate as rewards can be redeemed as merchandise or charity donations.

There are, however, a handful of situations for the loyalty program. You need to have a Windows Live ID, the Bing Bar toolbar and it should be a Windows machine strictly with the Net Explorer working on it. The plan does not function on either of the Chrome, Firefox or Apple Safari though these browsers assistance the Bing Bar.

The system is pretty easy and straightforward as stated by the developers. You get to have 250 points credited into your account on the moment you sign up for the solutions. You accumulate added credits for taking actions that pays outs to you. The domain of these actions also contains conducting searches by means of the toolbar. Other actions that might get you credits contain setting Bing as the default search engine for your browser and exploring new and exciting features authored by Bing.

The formulas are pretty easy, you will be acquiring 1 credit point for every five searches that you do until the 2nd October. In addition to that, you can earn a maximum of eight credits per day. The credit schedule tends to make the calculation clear actually. You can earn a Scrabble Game over less than an year. eight credits a day for 358 days a year will get you 2866 credits.

The spokesman from Microsoft had a word with us about the present providing and we also highlighted about the two reward applications initiated in the previous.

Weitz told the correspondents that the target of the project is to get Bing customers far more involved with the search engine and have a conversation with the search engine really. Bing is continually coming up with new functions each day and users require to create acquaintances with the new functions introduced each and every day.

He additional mentioned that the users are going to get functions aired via the Bing Toolbar so they can preserve themselves updated without having any hindrance in the communication channel. The officials are optimistic about the performance of the Search engine lately and anticipate that it will be undertaking quite good though at the same time they think that it will be fairly difficult breaking the habit people have with respect to Google.

Microsoft also claims that they have set up extra investigation just to make the most out of this reward plan. They are hopeful that the reward program will be a blast attracting men and women towards Bing search and other features that Microsoft provides via the search engines. People term it as bribing search engine users and attracting visitors utilizing other search engines but factors can never ever be simple as that.

The reward program seems to attract a wonderful deal of people but the situations may be the greatest problem in the complete approach as not every single world wide web and Bing user makes use of a Windows Machine with Internet Explorer.

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