Controlling Binge Eating: How to Stop Unnecessary Binging

What is binge eating? Binge eating is defined as uncontrollable episodes of consuming very large amounts of food over a short period of time until the person is uncomfortably full. Binge eating is very much like bulimia; the only difference is that the person does not use anything to purge any of the food that he or she has eaten.

A Philippine cosmetic surgeon explains the two possible reasons why people binge. The first reason is that the person may be dieting, and then suddenly his or her body feels the need for the extra food. The second reason is that the person is trying to suppress an emotion, like anger, loneliness or depression. Many people who binge eat use food as a way to cope with or block out feelings and emotions they do not want to feel. Individuals can also use food as a way to numb themselves, to cope with daily life stressors, to provide comfort to themselves or fill a void they feel within. This second reason is the more common reason for binge eating, and when binge eating becomes a regular activity, it becomes a disorder. Individuals usually feel out of control during a binge-eating episode, and then the episode is followed by feelings of guilt and shame. However, like all eating disorders, binge eating is a serious problem, but it can be overcome through proper treatment.

What can be done to avoid binge eating in general? First, one must eat three complete meals a day. Skipping meals give you a feeling of starvation, and you end up eating more than the usual amount at your next meal. If you are dieting, eat three meals a day, but make sure that the foods consumed are low fat or low calorie. Take care of cravings by eating small amounts of what you crave for, or eat food that is similar to what you crave for, but has lesser calories. If you ate already, but you still feel hungry, drink some more water. Water gives you the feeling of being full, and yet you are not full of food.

If you are feeling lonely or sad, and you want to eat just to make those feelings go away, reach for a piece of paper and write about your feelings instead. If it’s about a guy, write that guy a letter about what you feel towards what’s happening, but don’t send it to him. Also, when you feel lonely, reach out and interact with friends. Go out, watch a movie, or window shop. Stay away from the restaurants though.

Exercise also reduces the urge to binge eat. Take a short walk everyday, or engage in some aerobics everyday. Physical activity not only helps in preventing binge eating, it also helps in reducing stress too.

Remember than binging is never a solution to instant weight loss. Even a cosmetic surgeon in the Philippinesdisagrees with such practice. The best way to control food intake and lose unnecessary amount of weight is observing proper eating habit and regular exercise.


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