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Wushu Bing, Bing Shu Anqing
Firm’s boss, business
Electric for ten years. Years of sector expertise in warfare and function challenging so that the boss has the insight Wu changing sector point of view, on a thorough understanding of the neighborhood video market. “Shu soldiers appliances” can be deemed long-established neighborhood pavement, with good profitability and very good reputation, it should be carried out at a press interview, Wu RBI boss is tight with the organization. Instantly following the interviews, reporters came to the understanding why the boss is so busy Wu, from December to mid-Spring Festival period is the peak season for audio and video sector, to welcome the upcoming season, audio-visual firms should make complete preparations, it Wu to the currently busy boss is overwhelmed, the reporter to not delay the time of NG boss digression not ask straight interview topic.

Anqing force is dominated Dealers – Shu soldiers electrical firm employees

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Problems with the vendors, the Miss boss told reporters though Shenzhen Sunbeam Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. cooperation is not lengthy, but both sides are happy with the progress of cooperation. Market place in Anhui, Wu is the 1st boss and deep cooperation Sunbeam Electric distributor, faced an untapped market, on the factory
The supplier
Dealers who are a rare chance. Wu boss from the firm tone in it feel it, deep Sunbeam Electric Company’s “Electric power Pa” brand goods are full of confidence, ready to market place a go in Anhui, show yourself and the vendors have a satisfactory answer . Asked manufacturers to distributors to support policy, Boss Wu’s Road to lay it to the press, dealers advertising and marketing expenses, the cost can store counter sales of the number to the manufacturer for reimbursement. The level of reimbursement quantity is closely linked with the dealer sales are so-known as “hard perform and no function, no,” which is also an successful way makers encourage distributors. In a additional interview, the reporter was that Chen and his pragmatic and revolutionary spirit of deep infection is a actually worthy of far more than ten years market encounter with video merchants. A reporter asked what the makers request, and the owner did not ask makers how to be, but from their point of view that “the first year, have to open the industry, important to each sides, and also let companies distributors Rest assured, if we do the dealers, manufacturers will have the suitable help to boost. ” At the very same time, how to further expand marketplace share, deepen the cooperation among the two sides, Mr. Chen was place forward their own suggestions: 1, producers and distributors to efficiently cope with, the sale
A lot more on a new level, so that
Who not only purchase comfy, with the also assured 2, when the dealer marketplace share to accomplish a specific degree of time, manufacturers
Efforts must also preserve up, work collectively to produce an influential brand, the ultimate beneficiaries are the parties 3, firms ought to increase efforts to develop new products in every single price range to meet distinct levels of customer groups, and the demands of customers. Chen boss in the opinion of many of these “new” to the reporter left a deep impression, as an ordinary audio-visual dealers can particular emphasis on innovation, R &amp D new products, which permit reporters marveling boss Chen Yu Mengsheng fraction respect.

WU boss
Trade’s concern stems from 2003, has been four years, HC Enterprise on the effect of audio and video makers and distributors, Mr. Chen was offered a higher rating. At the identical time, I hope HC Trade in the category has turn out to be even a lot more refined, so that dealers can select the necessary details at a glance Second, add some far more content on the introduction of new merchandise, so that AV vendors are timely concern the newest developments in the industry. Organization for HC, HC adjustments beneath market place and buyer demand has been trying to do the ideal, I believe the owner would see in the HC Business data they need.
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