Google Versus Bing – Your Best Seo Bet

I got into search engine optimization when Yahoo was king and Google was a gleam in Larry Page’s eye so I’ve had a front row seat to all the large doings. And a single point I can tell you for specific is Microsoft just took off its kid gloves with the release of Bing and is seeking for a shot at the reigning champ Google.

This article will show you how to hedge your bet with both contenders and come out a winner whilst these two Goliaths slug it out.

Round One particular:

1st and foremost make positive you follow the a single key rule that will apply to each engines Content is King!

Even though we don’t yet have a clear image of how Bing will react to all conditions we do know that, since it is getting touted as the initial selection engine, it will focus significantly on top quality of content. That mentioned, be prepared to make your pages a small longer than you did when optimizing for MSN and be certain the copy reads effectively.

Round Two:

Excellent content is not adequate.

It has to be effectively written and natural sounding. Something that sounds like it was written for a search bot will not make it into the top one particular hundred let alone the leading ten.

Round 3:

Still dealing with on page content, you need to have to meticulously take into account how many instances your keyword is talked about and exactly where it is located on the page text. Each search engines will not only appear for your keywords and phrases but also the context in which they are discovered. It is no longer enough to simply have them sprinkled in the text randomly. Now the key phrases need to have to actually flow in the context of the text as effectively. This is typically taken care of for you when writing naturally but is definitely worth the extra when over prior to posting the final page live.

Right here is a little formula to assist…

1. Use 1 primary keyword and up to two supporting search phrases per page.

2. Do not repeat the main keyword much more than 3 times on a page.

3. Do not repeat the supporting keywords and phrases far more than twice each and every per page.

4. Try to have at least five hundred words per page.

five. Attempt to location your major keyword at the starting, middle and finish of the page text although keeping the writing all-natural and flowing.

Round 4:

Get as numerous high quality inbound links as attainable. You already know this but it bears repeating. Search engines today are about reputation of the individual page returns. Having inbound links from Google authority sites will be much more essential than ever because any other search engine trying to trump Google will also be checking these stats as properly as adding a couple of of their personal.

That said, finding links from just the Google authority internet sites is not adequate. You also want to get links from MSN’s leading picks (which are now Bing’s leading picks.)

Round Five:

To really hedge your bet, get an early leg up on your competitors by becoming proficient in established Seo software with a excellent track record on both Google and MSN.

And lastly, appear for domains for sale that are already ranked well on MSN. This could be the diamond in the rough opportunity of a lifetime for your on-line company.

By following these simple suggestions you can outdo ninety nine percent of your competition attempting to share in the rewards offered by Google and Bing going head to head.

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