Google V/s Bing


Since Microsoft has launched? Bing’s, it has a big int? r t has cr? (And sp? Culation) of the community? SEO. On the one hand, that’s it? makes sense, because Bing is? be another tough game and we expect? that some stocks move? Google. On the other hand, it is not the initial registration once a major new player comes into the ring, then maybe? Be hoping that Bing is an end? Unlimited use of Google monopoly? Ally. N? Theless, Bing tr? S diff? Annuities (in a positive sense) of other search engines and it’s gr? Te St? Strength.

The initial registration impression you get when you go? Bing. com, is it diff? rent – the rear? re-plan it is cute, but there are certainly many more search engine F? it with tons of bells and whistles graphics n ‘? silent irrelevant to? As their search algorithms. However, if you enter a search term, the r? Results that you get a pleasantly? Surprise, because they are relevant.

It is this relevance of the r? Search results that SEO experts worried. The r? Results you get when you search with Bing relevant, but they are tr? S diff? Ferent from Google. In fact, regardless of whether the use of Google or Bing (or if you compare with Dr. Bingle? Results k? Can set c? You? C? You), you get r? Relevant results and both are tr? s diff? ferent from each other.

One of the most important things that SEO experts are curious Bing wei? His algorithm. ? Obviously algorithm Bing diff? Rent from Google, because if the word-cl? is the m? me, but the number of r? results is diff? rent a diff? ence in the algorithm is the r? answer obvious discovery. In fact, the question of what exactly is the diff? Difference between the two algorithms, and if the diff? Conference is so radical that it is absolutely No? F necessary for a website is? Bing R r? Optimize.

Wait. This is the initial registration thing you don? Need. ? Currently it is too early? t f? Hours to say what action (if? Ch? Ant) to optimize your site? Bing R are n? Sary.

At? Addition, whatever looks promising Bing, it is still too early? T pr? Say? H, if f is a v? Ritable competition? For? Be for Google, or if it is another attempt rat? Google e d? Tr have dinner. Let’s see how people r? Act – they begin binging, or if the Google-b? Tone. If it is clear that k Bing? It can be brought cr? St, it will be useful, daf? R Optimize, and doing. So now, the best thing you can do k? Is it? see.

As you have guessed? The exact algorithm is not Bing? Publicly available? GBAR and for this reason, there are a lot of sp? Culation? About what p? Is more f? Bing R (relative? Google), and p? Is less. Many SEO experts try diff? Pension required? Your research, analyze r? Results and try to build what SEO tactics is well known for working with Bing.

Some experts believe m? Me that Bing SEO results? ? Lord Days Live Search new look user interface (for example), w? While others say there are diff? Marked differences? Es between Live Search and Windows Live. But there is no doubt that the f? R Bing is now a am? Significant improvement? Via Live Search? the eye gard to the relevance of the r? search results.

Bing is not the initial registration time, if there is no agreement in the community? SEO on the complexity? of the algorithm, but if we r? sumer, here are some factors that are (or are accepted? are? least strongly) significant when Bing optimization touch? s?

Sites with a tr? S high Page Rank does not matter much to what is really bing z hlt? F not now? R Bing is the quality? t of the page.

For now it is too early? T? Say h, which factors are of paramount importance with Bing. But the fact that their r? Relevant results means that their algorithm is pr? Is pr? Cis are. Well, maybe? Tween r? Bing results, due to the fact that the web-master? Have t? surprised and did not have time to f? R f is the optimization? R Bing. By stupid? Result, the content is authentic, no gadgets and SEO k? Artificial pumps. We’ll see if this is so? the future if the web master to optimize f Bing? R learn as well!

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