Help with Binge Eating ? End Overeating

How you feel and think about food is probably keeping you in this cycle of binge eating. You probably feel bad about yourself for your food binges and that you cannot end overeating. Food has become the enemy to you. You might feel that food is in control of you. There are a few things you can try to help with binge eating.

First, stop being so hard on yourself and thinking bad things about yourself because you need help with binge eating. These strong negative feelings are keeping on this cycle of overeating and will not help with ending overeating. The more hard you are on yourself, the more a strong hold food has on you. These strong feelings keep you feeling negative and bad about yourself and about food.

To end overeating and to get rid of this strong effect food has on you, it will help if you start feeling differently about food. Food is not the enemy. How you think about food is keeping in this negative cycle of binge eating.

If you have a positive outlook on food, you will be able to control how much and what you eat and you can end overeating. If you have a negative outlook about yourself and food, you will remain in this negative cycle of binge eating.

Here a few things you can try to help with binge eating.

1. When you start feeling bad about yourself because you can’t end overeating, stop. Try and remove yourself from these negative feelings you have about yourself and food. Stand back and watch your feelings almost like you’re watching a movie. Try not to indulge these feelings. Try not to give in to these feelings. Start to think about the times when you haven’t been binge eating and you wanted to. Give yourself some credit. It will help you begin to think positively about yourself and food. This may seem hard to do, but keep on trying. It can help with binge eating.

2. Next time you are binging on food, stop and think about what has triggered this binge eating. You might be upset about something, bored or just have gotten yourself in a negative routine of eating large amounts of junk food. Food may have become a coping strategy for you. It may help to try other things to help you cope with stress, things that you enjoy doing apart from eating. Use your imagination here and try it no matter how silly it feels.

3. Try listening to subliminal messages. Subliminal messages target the subconscious part of your mind, the part that you’re not really aware of. Your subconscious mind holds these negative thoughts about food and can keep you binge eating. Subliminal messages can help you think positively about food by changing these negative thoughts to positive thoughts. The more you listen to the messages, the more you will believe them and the less of a hold food will have on you. Subliminal messaging takes time to have effect, but it can help with binge eating.

It is probably best to try a combination of methods to end overeating.

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