How to Stop Binge Drinking Easily Using Self Hypnosis

You can stop binge drinking easily using self hypnosis. This approach works whether you are consuming too much beer, wine or hard liquor on a regular basis or infrequently. Alcoholism does not mean that you drink every day; it means that you have a problem with alcohol consumption. You drink in order to get drunk and you can’t seem to quit in spite of your anti-binging efforts.

What is Binging?

When you think if binging, you may think of food automatically but this problem can affect alcohol as well. You may need binge drinking help if you consume several drinks—between four or more for women, five or more for men—in one short time. The shortness of the period is an important factor. If you consume four drinks between noon and midnight, you are not binging.

The significance of this is that binge drinking makes the effects of alcohol on the body more pronounced. In essence, you drink in order to get intoxicated rather than as a social lubricant or for pleasure.

Why Binging Happens

You may have a notion in your mind that consuming alcohol in excess is pleasurable. Your mind tends to focus on feeling calm and relaxed as you consume. You don’t think about the ramifications, and you may go back to drinking in order to feel better.

When you drink with the purpose of intoxication, you are creating a dangerous situation for yourself but you fail to recognize this. You consider alcohol to be a helpful stress reducer and you may not be able to imagine going to a party or relaxing during the weekend without it.

Changing Your Perceptions

An important step in the process is to change your perspective on alcohol and its effects. Self-hypnosis is a viable approach to developing a healthy perception of alcohol and your experiences with it. The focus moves away from using this substance for relaxation and stress relief and onto ways to stop binge drinking successfully.

You may already know some of the ramifications of excessive alcohol consumption including poor judgment, erratic behavior and mood swings. This type of abuse also has a significant impact on your mental processes as well. People who binge on alcohol suffer from problems with cognition, making concentration and mental performance plummet.

The problems with cognition are more pronounced in binging drinkers. Those who are prone to binging have more impairments than people who drink on a daily basis. The problem seems to stem from the large portion of alcohol consumed all at once.

Stop Binge Drinking with Hypnosis

You can quit this cycle with the help of hypnosis. This approach is very effective because it works on several different levels. Your habits change through the power of suggestion in your subconscious mind. You are able to relax without alcohol and you feel satisfied without consuming in excess.

You can find the help you need with a hypnosis CD. Joseph McColl’s brilliant recording found here – Stop Binge Drinking – offers the guidance and support you need to overcome this addiction.

Another excellent selection is by Debbie Williams who brings years of clinical experience into her sessions. Her recording is available here – Binge Drinking Help. Other excellent selections can be found here – Binge Drinking Help. Simply click on the links for more information.

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