How to Stop Binge Eating By Changing Your Beliefs

Copyright (c) 2010 James Martin

You might have been indulging in binge eating for many years. But when you realize that you have to stop this habit, you should not take into consideration how long you have been having this habit. You should not think about how difficult it will be to get rid of binge eating. If you realize how serious this disorder is, you should become serious about changing your old habits and replacing them with new and positive ones.

You need to show strong will power. Firstly, you need to make a decision that you are going to stop binge eating no matter how hard it proves to be. Make a commitment to start developing more control over your eating habits.

Many people want to know how to stop binge eating. But are they really committed to changing themselves? Are they really serious and determined? Do they realize the terrible effects of binging? If not, then no matter how many tips you read, it will be difficult to get over this habit. Only after you decide strongly in your mind that you want to change, then should you start looking for tips and suggestions for stopping binge eating.

And remember one thing – don’t worry about failing. No matter how many times you fall, you have to get up and still go after you goals. In this situation your goal is to know how to stop binge eating. There will be times when you will falter and give in to temptations. You might binge on a few occasions. But don’t consider this a failure. Be easy with yourself as long as you are trying seriously and making improvements.

Another important rule to follow is to start loving yourself. It is usually people with low self-esteem and confidence that suffer from binge eating disorder. Binge eaters overeat because of depression, stress or boredom. So you need to find ways to handle these negative emotions without resorting to eating.

Cognitive therapy can be helpful in treating various kinds of eating disorders. In cognitive behavior therapy, you use logical thinking to deal with negative thoughts, discouraging internal dialogues and overcome lack of confidence. Cognitive therapy encourages you to look deeply at your internal beliefs, discard harmful beliefs and instead choose positive, empowering ones.

Once you start analyzing and correcting irrational thoughts and beliefs about yourself and life, you can notice improvements in your behavior and habits. You will learn to love and respect yourself and won’t be involved in self-destructive behaviors like binge eating.

To truly learn how to stop binge eating, you have to first learn how to respect and value yourself. You will then automatically move away from negative behaviors and bad habits.

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