How to Stop Binge Eating With Thoughts of Victory

All people that suffer from binge eating disorder know about that little negative voice that plays inside of your head.  It’s the one that urges you to binge eat and makes you feel bad about yourself.  It’s the voice that tells you that you aren’t good enough to stop binge eating, that you will never have a healthy relationship with food, and that you don’t have what it takes to overcome binge eating disorder.

It’s important that you learn to tune out this negative voice because it will constantly keep you away from your goal of ending binge eating disorder.  Instead, you need to listen to the voice of victory.  This voice is the one that tells you that you are capable of ending the struggles with binge eating disorder.  It tells you to live your life to the fullest, instead of only enduring it.  

When you tune into the voice of victory, you will teach yourself to turn all negative thoughts into positive ones.  This voice will motivate you to keep on keeping on, even when the times get tough and you feel like you are sinking further and further into binge eating disorder.  

In order to train yourself to hear the voice of victory over binge eating, you must guard your thoughts carefully.  You have to hear the things that are positive and will help you and shut out the thoughts that won’t.  You have to believe that your life will get better and better when you don’t binge eat.  You have to know that you can surpass all of the negative that happened in your past because this eating disorder.  You have to turn off the negative noise you have been hearing for so long because it is not helping you.  

So often it seems easier to play the role of victim and get wrapped up in all the negativity because it feels good at the time.  But, when you get involved with negative thoughts, it will only push you further away from what you want.  Just remind yourself that negative thoughts will only keep you down and prevent you from rising to a bigger and better life.

It is not possible to live a positive, binge-free life when you have negative thoughts that tell you otherwise.  It just won’t work; there will always be a battle going on inside your mind.  However, when you keep your mind filled with good thoughts, you are creating a place where there is no room for negative ones to dwell in.  

Start expecting a better life without binge eating disorder in it.  Learn to retrain yourself to only tune in and listen to positive, victorious thoughts that will help you instead of hurt you.  Encourage and support yourself in becoming binge-free by dismissing any negative thoughts that try to hold you back.  Temporary setbacks may come and go, but don’t let those hold you down.  Pick yourself up and take control over your life, your thoughts, and overcoming binge eating disorder!

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