Search Engine Optimization For Bing

Bing if you didn’t already know is Microsoft’s latest search engine. This time it looks like Microsoft is serious about competing into search engine forum. It has invested over million in advertising promotions and looks like it’s digging in for the long haul.

Optimizing your site to rank better on Bing may prove to be a financially sound move. On Bing in order to return faster and more accurate search results it searches are broken down into categories such as health travel shopping etc.

It is important to keep in mind that this search engine is still in its infancy and it’s possible that many of the facets that exist now may not be around in the near future.

Okay, so what should you do different to optimize your site for Bing to achieve better rankings?

The basics of your on page optimization will remain the same. Using a keyword rich title tag and a meta-description tag that’s going to compel an action from a searcher is a basic concept that shouldn’t be forgotten.

One thing about Bing that is unique is the way that they display site links. The anchor text that they use comes directly from the anchor text of your internal pages, so it’s important to use keyword rich phrases titling those pages.

Another interesting aspect of Bing is the quick preview feature. This feature presents a searcher with a longer description of the page, its internal links, phone numbers, e-mails and even physical addresses. So it’s a smart SEO move to include as many of these features on your individual pages as relevancy allows.

As with Google local search is also a very important aspect of Bing. Getting your business listed on Bing maps search gives you another opportunity to show up in the organic listings.

So when optimizing your pages to rank well in Bing, it’s important to keep in mind the segmented structure of the categories that Bing uses as well as the opportunity to present your message through the longer page descriptions and meta description tags.

Although Bing shows some promise it’s still only accounts for about a 10% market share. Despite this fact, you may find it smarter and easier to generate traffic through keywords that would be far too competitive to optimize for on Google by optimizing those pages to rank better in Bing.

As far as optimizing your blogs for Bing you should follow closely the structure that Bing uses for its categories and mimic them on your blog. This seems to have an effect of creating a greater sense of relevancy and ultimately better organic listings.

Just remember it may be better to have a first page listing on the search engine that only has a 10% market share that it would be to have a listing on page 20 of the search engine that has an 80% market share.

Getting your site and your message in front of as many potential customers as possible is the ultimate goal of SEO.

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