Alert! Google is speaking about you!

Google has a pretty useful tool called Google Alerts. This is a slick technique that will send you an email alert every time a term you are monitoring on the internet makes news.  This way, you can keep on leading of issues you require to be knowledgeable about.  For instance, I set up Google Alerts for my firm, CampaignPros.com. An obvious option for keywords that I chose are the names of my competitors. This way, I can monitor what my competition is undertaking in the industry location.  Because my business is in the business of printing campaign materials, I set up terms that consist of phrases like “for sheriff”, “campaign announcement”, etc.  This way, I know when a candidate has stepped into the arena and I can attain out to that campaign.

So, as a political candidate, what terms must you monitor? KillerCampaigning.com gives a wonderful instance:
One of the first terms that you will want to produce a Google Alert for is your own name, considering that you will want to remain informed about any internet site that publishes details about you or your candidacy. Make positive that you enter your name surrounded by quotation marks–for instance, “Phil Van Treuren,”–so that you are only notified when your entire name is talked about, and not just element of it.

In addition, set up terms that will alert you when one thing takes place in your district or neighborhood.  So, you’d set up a term for the name of your town.  Or, if there is a “hot button” situation you need to follow, use that as a term, like “library referendum + [your town].”

Setting up these alerts just takes a few minutes. You merely select your keywords or phrases, add an e mail address and select the frequency at which you would like to be alerted, like once a day.

1 issue a candidate cannot afford to do is ignore the recognition and usefulness of the internet.  It is true you can locate something on the internet. It is also true that you can use this to your benefit.  So, commit a handful of minutes and set up some Google Alerts to help hold your campaign ahead of the curve, or at least on pace with the curve.

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