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Media industry filled with an interesting view: Microsoft very much like to defeat in the field of Internet search Google, Google will act as the newspaper pay for shielding. But that is the Kaopu, there are many problems, first of all: It is understood that talks between Microsoft and publisher of the situation of three anonymous sources said, Microsoft can not pay Google for the shield. However, other sources, News Corp. is working with Microsoft to discuss a plan, News Corp. will shield the contents of Google index, and therefore from Microsoft “reward.” Sources said Microsoft did in its Bing and the Google search engine how to display articles in different ways, pictures and links with publishers to discuss. Microsoft may reach a revenue-sharing agreements with publishers or other Cooperation Transactions, but does not require publishers to shield Google.

In theory, Google will allow publishers to shield Microsoft get a little advantage. Bing will be able to index a large number of Google can not index the content, to attract more users. Google’s search volume is Bing completed more than 6 times and get a few each year by the advantages of billions of dollars in revenues. Forrester analyst Shakespeare. (SharVanBoskirk) said that even if Microsoft is willing to pay exclusively through the contents of the index part of the newspaper, its also must spend as much publicity, so that users understand this. Even so, it may not be enough to change the habits of Internet users use Google, “In fact, people have been accustomed to using Google to search for information, if the content does not appear in Google, the publishers of interest will be jeopardized.”

As Network Revenues are insufficient to cover Print Version loss of business, so all the newspaper sites need to be able to get the traffic. Print newspapers Advertisement Revenue has been declining for 3 consecutive years, will drop to the lowest since 1987 levels. Market research company ExperianHitwise data show that over 21% of newspaper website traffic from Google, only 2% from Bing, less than Facebook, Yahoo.

Even consider limiting Google’s publishers have realized that the shielding effect of Google may be “counterproductive.” Newspapers MediaNewsCEO William – Dean. Singleton (WilliamDeanSingleton) said, “We do not conflict with the Google trouble, no doubt, Google is bringing a lot of the content of our audience, and we have obtained the advertising revenue.” Dayton said, according to Singh, in addition to two to be next year Push paid services of newspapers, MediaNews’s other newspapers will still be completely open to Google.

Number of publishers, and not as an ally in Google. They think that, Google success is partly due to its search engine show newspaper content without paying any fees. They also complained that, Google “introduction” of Internet users read an article will usually leave. “Dallas Morning News,” publisher James. Moroni (JamesMoroney) said, “Google has brought many of the flows are ‘not reliable’ flow, this is not what we need readers, I hope readers will visit our web site several times a month.” Moloney said if the decision to charge, on the part of Google shield is an option, AHBelo (“Dallas Morning News” job) had yet to decide, Microsoft did not provide any funds.

Google believes that its search engine on the Publisher beneficial because it can bring a lot of traffic for publishers.

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