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IMPORTANT : By properly following steps in this article It’s GURANTEED that your website or blog willbe get indexed by Google for free as early as possible. These following tips will help search engine optimization in google at fast. It’s not much hard to try, very easy, simple and practical steps that you can feel when you do these SEO steps for your website or blog. Now a days lots of SEO services available to get top rank in google at fast. But the only bad issue is Money, yes budget is mainthing in business. Reduce expenses and gain profit is the formula for any business. Assume that how they will put your site top ranked in google after you pay money to them(SEO services). Lets know what are all the process going on there. Here i am going to explain about Onsite SEO with 10 important tips. Just follow these simple Free tips and i am sure that your blog or site willbe get top rank in google.

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10 Fastest ways to get indexed by Google :  



1. Content is Queen :  

Yes content of your website is most important one. Because google search engine rankings is to provide most related search results when people search. It’s essential that your website must need to meet the requirements and statisfies the user who is searching for. So your content should be clear, latest and interesting one for readers.

Some factors tobe followed :
-don’t make spelling mistakes, because your content willbe visible for the various country people.
-tell what you are trying to say clearly, don’t make stories.
-show it neatly legibly.

2. Natural Backlinks :

Natural backlink is nothing but getting links to your website from other websites.It’s from people who truely loves your wrote.These backlinks will tell google about your website popularity. If you have more backlinks to your website will easily get google pagerank. so try to build backlinks as much as you can.
You can know who are all links to your site by some tricks in google. just type “” (without quotes) in the search box. see the image below.Note that you need to replace “” with your domain address.

3. XML Sitemap :

Sitemap is nothing but a overall map of your website. placement in google is completely depends upon you xml sitemap. Because it tells to google about various pages in your website. This will help your (all) pages canbe indexed by google. All you need to do is just follow the below steps..

-signup for a google account
-goto google webmasters tools
-Add your URL

don’t wait until your site tobe indexed, start building backlinks. Generally website canbe indexed by google minimum in 24hrs. some times it maynot be listed for 1 week.. so on, when you building links to your website or updating daily. so don’t irritated when google not indexed your pages as early as you submitted. It’s because of they are keep watching your website to rank your website. so better keep doing seo for your website.

4. Keyword Formatted URL’s :

Keyword is nothing but a simple query used also in google to find relevant results when a user search. Because keyword will search every listed website content in google and displays optimized results. you may get top ranking in google if you have good keywords related to your website. so here your internal page’s title, name shouldbe relevant to the content(known as keyword).

5. Meta Tags and Title Tags :

InGeneral Meta tags contains Description, keywords. so your meta tags tells google all about your website. so your description, keywords and tite shouldbe relevant together each other.Title tags is used to give description when google displaying results. so keep concentrate on title, keywords and description.

6. Use image Alt tags :

You need to put alt tags for your image. it’s because of your images also get spidered by google. so when people do google image search there also your website needs tobe appeared. so that it’s considered as good ranking. Image alt tags are similar to the keywords. And also by putting alt tags you can obtain ownership for your image in the internet.

The following steps willbe the most important things to get indexed in google.

Add your URL to Google

Submit XML Sitemap of your site

-Check your site whether indexed in google or not (After submitting your sitemap to Google)

7. Avoid Using Graphical Text :

You must use written title text instead of putting Banner Image or Graphical Text. Because when google listing search results they are much considering on titles. Graphical text is not machine-readable and therefore is inaccessible to some users. so when your website contain Graphical text title will decrease your ranking capability.

8. Use Robots.txt :

After you successfully submitted your xml(sitemap) google will index all your pages. so preventing from this issue you need to upload robots.txt file to your webhost in the root folder. it will restrict google crawler access from being indexed secret pages. Now a days particulary after web2.0 released no one handling this robots.txt method. it’s because of web development and dynamic advantage.

9. Avoid Duplicating Domains :

In my point of view you don’t need to copy content from one domain and show it on under your domain. Instead of that you can start writing good fresh, latest, interesting article in your website. Because google need fresh contents. it’s not a big thing you can do it from your experience.

10. Building a good internal linking structure :

It is the process of giving link to a webpage within your website via keywords. When you give navigation link don’t leave it blank link. it causes hiding that particular page from people. And obviously the impact is reduce search rankging, because of low popularity.

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It’s all about this article but this is not end of my article because in the next article i will tell you how to get top rank in google at fast. I hope you will understand what i am tryig to tell you in this article.

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