Google Adwords Keywords

At first, it may seem like the keyword part of AdWords is easy. You see keywords and you see which ones are getting a lot of traffic, right? You see the prices for certain keywords as well. Actually, it’s a bit more complex than that.

Google AdWords has a reputation for being a very lucrative endeavor for internet marketers, but without the right care, one can get into a lot of financial trouble with Google AdWords. Some people recommend using the “set it and forget it technique”. However, this may not be your best bet especially if you have never used this advertising system before. It is better to carefully select your keywords, and then closely monitor your ads to see which keywords are performing better. Then, you can change your keywords if needed to make your ads as effective as possible.

Before even beginning your campaign, you’ll want to create the landing pages for your product.

You want potential customers to be directed to well-thought-out landing pages that presell them into buying your product.

If by chance, you find that your ad campaign is not going well, you may not want to rush to blame it on the Google AdWords keywords. The problem could be with your landing page. Some people use their ads to lead potential customers directly to a sales page.

Doing so may not be the best option because oftentimes searchers don’t buy when they make the first click on an ad. Sometimes they come back to make a purchase later on, and sometimes you must email them to remind them to revisit your site. A landing page is a great way to capture emails and gently lead the customer to your sales page. If are not able to write your own sales or landing page, you may want to consider hiring a good copywriter.

You’ll want to pay close attention to what you do with your keywords.

You can use negative placement of keywords. This technique uses quotes or blocks around keyword phrases to limit how often your ad appears in the search results. For instance, if you block a keyword phrase [], your ad will only show up when that exact phrase is typed into the search engine. This will keep people who are just browsing for general products from clicking on your ads. Since you are paying for clicks with Google AdWords, you need to make sure your keywords make only your targeted audience click on your ads. You want traffic from potential buyers rather than from people who just like to click.

The combination of good, targeted Google AdWords, a great landing page, and a persuasive sales page make up a great campaign, but what leads customers to your pages in the first place is your Google AdWords ad.

If potential customers are searching for your Google AdWords keywords, there is a lot of potential for a multitude of sales.

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