Google Good friend Connect – The Untold Story

Google Buddy Connect, what GFC does, why to use it and why you should Friend Connect your blog.

So, if you are like me when I very first heard about Good friend Connect in May of 08, I thought Google, why do not you remain out of my territory. You do not belong right here and I do not install each and every widget piece of junk on my web site.

Then I dug deeper, and deeper but. Then I began to see exactly where this was going, and then it really got deep. The Google Friend Connect widget is just the starting of some thing considerably bigger and what comes next blows most away.

GFC: Poster boy for Google Social Networking

Google Friend Connect is just the fairly face of a considerably larger application that must be called Google Social Networking. Here it is in a nutshell.

There are five key pieces to Google’s social functions.

Google Reader&#13
Google profiles&#13
Your shared things

Here is what Happens in Google Good friend Connect:

You join a blog by means of the Google Buddy Connect widget.

When you do this the RSS feed ought to be added to your Google Reader.

Then you can add other members displaying in the Google Good friend Connect widget as buddies by clicking their avatar as they can yours.

When they accept your buddy request (become mutual pals) you both appear in every single other people Gmail contacts and Gchat if you wish. You don’t get some interface that masquerades as e mail like Facebook’s inbox. You get a true e mail address that you and your new buddy utilizes each day to log into web sites to use GFC.

Why are actual e-mail addresses essential? You can now add this e mail address to your address book in say Outlook and you Personal your close friends list. Get kicked off Facebook for some silly cause like several do? There goes your speak to list. Not with GFC, Gmail is your contact management system for Google friends.

Your Google Reader can display their Google Reader shared items and you will show in their Google Reader. This is social bookmarking.

Your shared items has an RSS feed that creates HTML a tags that are outgoing hyperlinks from Google to your website and are completely followed. So when an individual shares (or bookmarks as most contact it) a single of your weblog posts in Google Reader they are making an incoming hyperlink directly to your website.

So what will Google Good friend connect do for you?

I tripled my RSS subscribers in a week, produced 200 new contacts that I now have in my address book and Gmail contacts, not some closed loop dependent on Facebook’s whims.

I have those same friends sharing my finest articles in their Google Readers and I share theirs. All the while we all are generating backlinks to our personal articles as effectively proper in Google.

Now, my GFC buddies have friends of there personal and they have my RSS feed installed in Google Reader. So when they share my best weblog posts their pals have the likelihood to read my best function. AND share it with their pals, and them with their buddies. Viral advertising at it’s finest.

You can e-mail them, chat correct from Gchat and get to know what would otherwise be nameless, faceless, social contacts all spamming every other for a couple of visitors. This is why social marketing fails for most, your buddies are completely untargeted, you know little about them and you get a ton of spam for some stupid group and you finish up not even wanting to open that inbox.

What is the best feature of Google Buddy Connect?

The other day Google Latitude came out. I believed it was the coolest issue ever. So I jumped on Gmail and began a couple of chats with individuals that stick to me and study my blogs. I was instantaneously able to locate out if my target industry would be interested in the blog post I was about to write and I learned what my fellow GFC uses wanted to know about Google Latitude.

I got feedback, (hated it and loved it), I found out limitations that otherwise I might have missed (because I adore it) and got to know some of my readers a bit greater. Time spent, 20 minutes. Worth? PRICELESS. My Google close friends submitted my site to other social websites, bookmarking internet sites and emailed links to their close friends.

Why? Because we located each and every other via laser targeted niche content material on web sites we each liked adequate to join by means of the GFC widget.

What else is there?

Google does WAY much more than this, but I just don’t have all day or the space right here it clarify it. But if this got you as excited as I was when I discovered these new characteristics in Google you want my free Google Buddy Connect [http://googlingsocial.com/gfc-tactics.php] tutorial on my new website.

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