Google Is Taking Descriptions

If you take your best essential word search engine placement within Google and look at your website’s description, you will discover some thing comparable with other internet sites, the descriptions match these taken from!!!


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 Take a peek for oneself.

1 – Search for your top important word in Google (usually the initial key phrase within your title tag).

2 – Now copy &amp paste this description in a note pad or word doc.

3 – Once you have this, go to: four – Sort in your “url” in the address bar

five – Search at the description from Google and the description from Alexa, they ought to be an exact match.

NOTE: If you do not have a description in Alexa, Google will come up with its own version but in reality, wouldn’t you want to be in handle of your website’s description within the SERP’s?

Not possessing a description in Alexa – Could it directly impact your Google search engine results?

Definitely ! ! !

I would suggest looking at your description in Alexa to make confident that it straight targets your top rated important phrase that you want performing well within Google.

Your Alexa description could quite effectively determine better SERPS within Google! Google feeds benefits into Alexa which in turn updates info on internet site ranking. They are partnered up, why wouldn’t they use each and every other people outcomes?!

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Alexa’s Description is the “text book” definition:

I never blame Google for wanting to use these descriptions.

Most descriptions in Alexa are the “text book version” of your company’s description and are usually effectively written, and effectively thought out. This would give Google an advantage so that they can devote much less time on delivering quality descriptions and far more time delivering much better final results within their searches.

I truly like this notion due to the fact if this have been correct across the board, Google would be giving the person web site owner a lot more freedom to compose a appropriate description for their SERPS without having employing it to spam or create false details. Once again, it would have to be authorized by Alexa’s team anyways, they most likely wouldn’t permit crucial word stuffing for their site as it is.


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