Google Juice eBook – Review & Summary

Article by Allison Waters

Google Juice is a guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) written in easy to understand terms so that anyone can understand it, regardless of technical background. It focuses on getting listed in Google and getting your page to the top of the results so that you can increase the traffic to your website. I am reviewing the Google Juice eBook to determine just how useful it is.

You can view the Google Juice eBook website here –> Google Juice eBook

Summary——-The target audience for the Google Juice eBook is anyone that is looking to get increased traffic by ranking high in Google. One good thing about this eBook is that it is written in terms that anyone (not just geeks) can understand. For example, a small business owner who wants his/her business to have an online presence.

The book is written by a guy name Scott McIntosh (kinda ironic…a computer guru with last name McIntosh haha). Anyway, Scott is an ex-navy officer who is now a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist with 10 years working in the industry. According to his author bio, he owns several websites that rank very high in Google for competitive keywords. I liked the sound of this because I would rather learn from someone who has actually walked the walk. I also think that his diverse background is a good point-of-view for teaching non-technical people about getting ranked on Google.

Although the Google Juice is written in a common sense approach, it does cover all aspects of the process of getting ranked well in Google. Google Juice starts out talking about keywords–how to do keyword research, using Google Webmaster Tools and choosing the correct Keywords. It then talks about Content. As anyone that has done any Search Engine Optimization knows, Content is King! Google Juice talks about what type of content Google looks for and shows how to “Juice” up your site with extra content that can be found across the internet. The final part of the “Big 3” is marketing your website. Google Juice talks about how to do free marketing with social networking sites and introduces a new method for using videos to promote your site and also talks about using PPC (Pay Per Click) for promotion. The Google Juice ebook wouldn’t be complete if it did not teach you how to monitor your traffic so there is also a chapter on using Google Analytics to track your progress.


Google Juice is a good selection depending on what you know and what your goals are. Weathered Search Engine Optimization experts will find that Google Juice tells them a lot they already know. I learned a few things that I havent heard before…namely, using to promote websites, a couple interesting ways to find content and he introduces a new Video method that I have not heard of before.

This book is a good choice for people that are relatively new to the Search Engine Optimization world. What I would call it is a summary of the basics of SEO. I think his approach to teaching will help those that are not super technical and if I was a person that was thinking about getting into SEO and wanted to learn the basics, this ebook would be a good choice.

The book is a pretty good value at .95 especially when you compare it to some of the alternatives and one thing that I liked was that you get to view the first 2 chapters for free.

Overall, I would rank the Google Juice ebook at 8/10. It contains good information and is especially useful for those that want to learn more about Internet Marketing & SEO. It is great for SEO beginners and it even taught me a few new techniques that I have never heard of.

You can view the Google Juice eBook HERE. Thanks for reading.

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