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Online advertising experts from fever360 will help you in Google Location extension and benefits. Google Location extension is a new feature in google adwords which is quick and easy way to connect with the customers, who is searching for your products and services when you have business in multiple locations.

Location extension is available for both Campaign level and Ad level. It is easy to set up location extensions at the campaign level or at the ad level. Setting up campaign level extensions means that Google will dynamically match a campaign’s text ads with the most relevant address in your account based on information like a user’s location or a user’s search terms. Google will show address only if it is relevant to search terms or users location.

Campaign-Level Location Extensions:

Campaign-level locations are the default setting for location extensions. The location information you provide here will appear with all relevant ads for the campaign.

*Use the same ad text across a number of business locations. *Direct ads for all of your locations to the same landing page. *Create and edit many ads quickly.

To add or edit a location extension, follow these steps:1.Sign in to your AdWords account at 2.Click the campaign you want to edit. 3.Click the Settings tab. 4.Under Ad extensions > Locations, select one of the following options: o Business owners – Use addresses from Google Places: Select this option to link an existing Google Places account to your campaign. Eligible addresses from your Google Places account may be shown with your ad when relevant. Google will allow a maximum of 100 addresses per account for manual verification, and 100,000 addresses for feeds. o Non-business owners – Use manually entered addresses: You can manually enter up to 9 business addresses. The address may be shown with your ad when relevant. 5.Click Save settings.

Ad level Location Extensions with Address Overrides:

Location extensions with address in Ad level overrides the campaign level location extension setting. These ads use one address with a specific ad. If the address is not relevant to the ad or the user, the ad will not be shown to the user at all. *Associate a single address with a specific marketing message. *Direct each ad to a specific landing page

To set a different address for a specific ad than the addresses you’re using at the campaign level, follow these steps: 1.Sign in to your AdWords account at 2.Navigate to the ad group you want to edit. 3.Click the Ads tab. 4.Click the edit icon next to the ad you want to edit. 5.Click Only show ad with one address under the “Show relevant addresses with this ad” section. 6.Select an address from the list. The addresses available are all eligible to appear for any ad within the same campaign. 7.Click Choose.

Adding addresses:There are two ways to share your business addresses with Google: use a Google Places account or enter addresses manually into your AdWords account. * Primary Business OwnersIf you’re a primary business owner, use Google Places to give your addresses to Google. Google Places allows you to manage your business listings. Addresses you enter manually or through bulk upload will affect how your free business listings and ads that appear on and Google Maps. * Non-Primary Business OwnersIf you’re not the primary business owner of the locations in your ads, you can manually enter addresses into AdWords.

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