Google music store is going to launch

Article by Marry

October 20, news, Google mobile President Andy robin (Andy Rubin) yesterday Google and samsung attended the conference to be held in Hong Kong, in the Wall Street journal Asia digital leader BBS AsiaD on the interview with reporters about Google answered the music store of asking questions.

Google music store is going to launch

As early as this spring, Google announced for and the music industry giants the negotiation fails, the company plan already a long time of cloud music service will be put on hold. But yesterday, rubin in the interview first confirmed that “Google (music service) has been close to complete.”

Online music market is already the amazon and apple two companies of the world. In order to improve competitiveness, “Google music service will be different. This music service will have Google’s characteristics, and not just in the price of 99 cents sales single.” Rubin in the interview commitment.

At present the market rumours, only EMI Music a giant has come close to and Google Music complete the transaction. Google music service for lack of the music industry is big wrist son support and lacks the attraction? To this, rubin is clever ground say, outside media don’t know Google. Google are evolving, as was created jobs “apple”, now has no one to say “apple” for “apple” company, enterprise in change.Rubin says: “the media have been think Google just an Internet search engine company. But in fact, we are in the market to consumers, we are a little early to add to the consumer products company plan projects.”

Perhaps, rubin said to the media to word is. Currently, there are many media to copyright, citing various technical means to try to prevent or reduce the Google search and share the content.

The company will with MOTOROLA at a distance

In Google announced acquisitions MOTOROLA mobile, to which other Android equipment manufacturers guarantee competition have to worry about the development of the relationship. Google says, MOTOROLA mobile will remain completely independent operation, and does not have any special treatment.

To this, rubin says, “my duty is to make numerous Android users to product feel happy, however, some people’s duty is let me (Google Android) in trouble, even bankruptcy.” Rubin suggest that Google acquisition MOTOROLA mobile obtained patent portfolio will can effectively protect the company in the mobile platform of sustainable development.

Rubin also said, “should not think Google acquisition MOTOROLA mobile is Google into a mark of the hardware business. Google won’t give MOTOROLA mobile provide special preferential, Google might keep distance.”

In the age of jobs after apple

Rubin think, what jobs died, apple can still in “jobs after age” continue to remain competitive.

Rubin as apple employees before, in the interview said, “apple all the employees have a DNA, can perfect the art and computer science together. So I think even in jobs after the essence, from the also does not change, apple perfect creativity will still continue. And, of course, apple will miss jobs and its leadership, but now they pass, and it’s time to stand up by others lead apple…….”

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