Google schmidt take part in the hearings involves search business monopoly on Wednesday

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September 19,, news, according to foreign media reports, Google CEO Eric Schmidt (the Eric Schmidt) on Wednesday to the United States senate hearings, the main content of the hearings related to Google search business, the problem of monopoly.

For this hearing, the outside world is concerned about Google’s search results provide whether have predispositions. Analysis of the personage inside course, schmidt will focus on Google’s statement in practice to provide better just to users of the search results.

Google has the global search market two-thirds of share. Along with the social network and intelligent mobile phone applications the development of new technology, people have more ways to get information, to the Google brings a lot of pressure.

Search results for Google sort it is a very delicate problem. Google said the company’s search algorithm is to provide the most useful search results that can attract users DuoCi use Google search engine.

Firms in the company’s analyst BGC Colin Gillis said the hearing will also make Google a risk, because of the United States senate hearings on its search engine group. “In the Capitol hill will testify against the problem of monopoly is never a good thing. Best of all is the status quo.” He added.

It is reported, Expedia and Yelp rivals such as Google executives will also be in the hearing testimony.

Beijing time on September 19 news, according to foreign media reports, the United States senate judiciary committee subordinate antitrust group will on Wednesday (September 21) for Google is held in the market, and Google monopoly hearing, former CEO Eric Schmidt (current chairman of the Eric Schmidt) will testify to, and answer investigators questions, and for Google’s market strategy to defense.

Now Google occupy global Internet search market share, but more than two-thirds of social networking sites such as Facebook, etc, and intelligent mobile phone applications provided to the public the new information, so that way Google faces a large market pressure.

Google competitors, and critics had thought, Google through the intervention is the way to make its search results to Google in their products and services, the move has abused its dominant position in the market. Schmidt will be in Wednesday’s hearing on the statement, trying to argue that Google search ranking has been insisting on the principle of justice, and provide the most comprehensive search results.

Google CEO Eric schmidt has long served as a post. In April this year, schmidt resigned as CEO, this position by Google co-founder Larry Page (brief benchwarmer take over.) As Google executive chairman, schmidt, Google is to strengthen the main duties with partners and government relations of cooperation.

Search algorithm

In the United States senate hearing on Wednesday, Google search algorithm will become one of the key discussion. Google has not too much talk about its search algorithm technical details, said the algorithm only will provide users with the most use of the search results, and frequent use of Google search to the user. And Google major source of revenue, is its search business behind the text search advertising.

Industry insiders expect a hearing on Wednesday, schmidt will adjust for Google’s search algorithm defense, saying it is essentially to combat the through the technical means to improve the cheating ranking in external company.

The United States investment company BGC analysts Colin giovanni cobolli gigli firms (Colin Gillis), on Wednesday, the focus of the hearing that Google search for the content, and Google search is the top priority of the business, so this hearing for Google speaking is undoubtedly “out-played”. Cobolli gigli said: “any company executives must to the U.S. congress’s antitrust hearing testimony, this is something that never to bring company positive effect. The best result is that the business is still remain the same.”

Cobolli gigli also think, in Wednesday’s hearing, schmidt is unlikely to appear in his speech was “ZhuaBianZi” speech, “since schmidt opened its mouth, it is possible to words carelessly, and cause the investigation committee members fast. Although this is unlikely to appear, and who also can’t to bet on it.”

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