Google Talk ? Google?s Instant Messenger Service

Google talk is a free service offered by Google Inc that allows you make voice calls and transfer files, Instant message friends, family, and business contacts. Even you can send voice mails and offline messaging allows users to send messages to their contacts, even if they are offline. They will receive messages when they signed in. The first beta version of the program was released on August 24, 2005.

Google talk is free software and you can download from the internet.
Google Talk uses an open protocol, Jabber and XMPP to provide real-time extensible messaging and presence events, including offline messaging. OS requirements for Google Talk; Win2000/XP and Minimum requirements; Internet connection and Gmail account

The Google Talk client is only available for Microsoft Windows (2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista and Windows 7). Google Talk Client Features Include File transfers, Voice calls, Voice mails, Offline messaging and Gmail notifications. It is a Lightweight and fast  and gives user friendly interface but the main disadvantages are ; it for Only  Windows platform ,Always uses Internet Explorer ,No webcam support  and No contact groups .

The new version of Google Talk is designed specifically for the iPhone and runs in the iPhone’s browser. Visit on your iPhone, sign in, and start chatting. This will work on today’s iPhones and the new 3G iPhones.
On March 14, 2007, Google released the Google Talk Gadget. Google Talk Gadget Features Include; Ability to add Google Talk on your Google Personalized Homepage, Achieve  chats in Gmail, Preview Picasa Web Albums , see YouTube video No software to download  but you need Flash Player 8.0 or above versions.
On November 26, 2007, Google Talk released Group Chat capabilities and On November 11, 2008, Google Chat (voice and video chat) was launched: it became possible PCs and Intel-based Macs.[
Google Talk Labs Edition is an experimental release of the Google Talk client. It has a nice interface and also brings in some new features. The features it lacks include File Sharing and Voice Chat. You can chat with your all friends in one chat box that is called New Tab feature, you got similes set on your chat box, you can use group chat with your friends, Chat Invisible Option added and Labs edition also includes Google Update service. But the main disadvantages are; you cannot share any files. You cannot copy your previous chat on your chat box.
The latest version Google Talk is Excellent program for PC to PC chats or Instance Messaging includes All your contacts are automatically loaded from your Gmail account the first time you launch the client. You can start a conversation in a click and keep all of your different chats in separate windows. But it not allows making phone calls; it will let you talk with other Google users and even send voicemail if they are offline. That is released on February 27, 2009. It is available for free download here: google website.

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