Google will push the Google Wallet this summer

Article by Rata

May 29, as dispatches from foreign news agencies report, Google will be listed in the summer thank the fastest, most night does not exceed the autumn. Google will replace thank cash, credit card, even a car driver’s license to use.

Google announced the news for financial firms, technology companies, and phone companies, it is an amazing news.

Google’s Nexus for its smart phones “S new developed a set of software that allows consumers will his credit card or a debit card data stored in the mobile phone chips will use mobile phones, after consumer shopping. Experts also said, mobile payment mechanism brings the profits, comparable to that of the credit card. Now

In order to make full use of this new technology, consumers pay first must buy a launch Android system, and built-in close communications (NFC) technology Nexus S phone. The chip In addition, consumers must first have a citibank prepaid MasterCard or Google. Comply with these two elements, consumers then available in support of Google pay phone shop for consumption of retailers technology.

At present, the approximately 30 million businesses accept your terms of payment.

Analysts Eagan says, many American Bob would still not accustomed to using mobile consumers shopping consumption. Analyst Mark Beccue also says that even using mobile payment feeling very fresh, short-term inside still difficult to persuade consumers to switch to mobile payment. And consumers use credit card can be used for short-term credit, debit card and can enjoy the convenience and reduce use checks withdrawal security concerns, the use of mobile phone but not enjoy the benefits.

“Although Google thank collected a variety of functions, but still need to pay for something, or enter the password with consumers use of electronic signature, from his Wallet out as long as the action within the credit card, convenience immediately compared indisputable.” Beccue says.

Eagan also highlighted, and safety is to consider using Google thank the point, stored in the SMS credit card information may well become a thief stealing goal. Many Banks have said they had driven by mobile phone company and mobile phone manufacturers more strict close mobile security system.

It is reported, Google said on Thursday released free mobile payment services “Google” (Google thank Wallet), and will be put into use in the summer, a move that GoogleWallet related domain attention again upsurge.

Google thank concept early age, Google already launched in 2005 when also protect hold several mainstream suffix domain name, such as GoogleWallet. Com and, inquires the understanding, thank combination other suffix domain name also held by others, including early thank. Com domain name in 1995, in part by others hold earlier this year thank combination domain will only be registered in May.

Google says it will be put into use in the summer lifted some again thank Google domain registered related domain lovers, many countries suffix agitation in becoming the domain name registration agitation protagonist, part of that Google for Internet domain name protection meaning very seriously, Google or have potential takeover related suffix domain name to protect.

Google wallet this mobile payment services are based on NFC (close communication) technology development, will in all of Google Android operating system carrying Nexus S used in the first application, phone model of Google will lock Sprint 4G Nexus S smartphone.

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