Google’s problems

Article by Rata

Google in many old the reorganization of a product line. On one hand, some products or have been out of date, or are not the user is too big, has reached out to welcome. But it also shows that Google is experiencing rapid change.

On the other hand, due to the acquisition of MOTOROLA’s move to deal with new hardware business after, and Android lawsuit, caused by the Google may never like before continuous innovation, continuously break conventional industry. In the technology field, Google faces like Microsoft, yahoo and AOL such a strong opponent. At present, we expect that Google’s share price would rise to the level of close to 0 than Google, the current stock price higher than 10%.

The products should be eliminated

In view of the current Internet industry with a new look, many once a mainstay of Google products belong to have apparently behind The Times:

1, Aardvark: this is Google in more than a year before the acquisition of social search tools, because Google is its all resources to Google +, Aardvark obviously is not fit for the search giant.

2, GoogleDesktop: Chrome browser search column since by locking content, and smart phone search and tablet computer Android system, widely used GoogleDesktop also didn’t continue to exist necessary.

3, ImageLabeler: at first, it is just a leisure entertainment products, so that users can will own tags added to the image, but this service has never such as Google thought popular.

4, and other products: because Sidewiki and Postini products popularity decline and its function to be integrated into the core of service, Google Chrome, the status of these products is become less than before, importance.

Some of these products were eliminated with the rule of market development, and continue to try and independence was once Google attract top developers around the world, two of the magic weapon. Out of curiosity, all enthusiastic customers flock to come from Google laboratory (GoogleLabs, has also was shut down in July) deeply welcome prototype products; Developers in Google duration of work, still has to develop their interest in the flexibility of products. In view of this, the current measures with Google seems to do a few years before the strategic adjustment (that is, never hidebound to focus on pure industry need to run counter to drive)

In all fairness, adjustment of product strategy to Google in May is necessary, although the process are not satisfactory. Google now faces three big problem to be solved:

1, management hardware business: Google acquisition MOTOROLA mobile correctness still need the test of time. The acquisition is no longer in order to break the routine, but is low profit management, capital-intensive industries business, Google didn’t have any experience in this respect.

2 patent litigation: although acquisition, MOTOROLA mobile sure to a certain extent to help relieve the Google encounter patents, but with global smartphone market faces tough competition, according to Google’s Android mobile operating system and its patent litigation seems to have no signs of calm.

3 and antitrust investigation: in view of the federal trade commission to Google launched the antitrust investigation, the U.S. government will continue to Google make trouble.

This is all in less than a year, can say is going on in litigation and competition to Google bring trouble than the level of the two or three years ago. With Google “streamline their” plan (to read for is in the implementation of the product) out, this kind of influence seems began to appear. In view of the Internet in the domain of variation, Google will resources from insignificant products to absolutely necessary products (such as Android, Google + and MOTOROLA mobile), is obviously also necessity.

But there are also a lot of people think, Google may be through to phase out the product release resources, and to increase the investment in new products to market, make its influence over the previous products. All these challenges, Google can continue its innovative culture at present to picture a big question mark.

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