Is Google Gunning For Directories?

Why is it that webmasters are so fast to blame Google if their site falls down the search rankings, or out of the rankings altogether? Can it in no way be their own fault?

I read an amusing forum post headed “What is up with Google?”. The writer had a site just 2 months old, which had only had 2 visits from Googlebot, a Google robot. The poster was a bit grieved, and was blaming Google.

It appears they had extrapolated their own circumstance into 1 they had witnessed with other webmasters on one more forum. They had been also upset, this time by Google’s newest update, as their sites had been badly hit. Of course, the drop way down the rankings had seriously affected their revenue what right had Google to do that to them, they had been demanding to know?

So grieved had been this group of webmasters they were attempting to drum up support for a boycott of Google. Huge G was also huge for its boots and was going to be brought down by these few innocent souls. Who were they trying to kid, apart from themselves?

What was it these webmasters had in common that brought them together in this “bring down Google” brigade? Apparently, their sites were directories.

Now, let’s apply some intelligent marketing and advertising believed to this small scenario as Google faces obliteration by a couple of little directory owners. As a business, Google has a tendency to get its fundamental marketing right, at some point. In the case of search, its consumers are these making use of the Google search facility, as several millions of us do each and every day. So, Google’s first duty, when somebody makes a search on a particular keyword or phrase, is to provide a list of what it considers the best websites for that search. Does that make Google the big undesirable monster? No, of course not it really is attempting to appear out for its search clients.

I have been looking on the web for numerous years. If ever I have searched for the omnipresent “widgets”, then it has been “widgets” I have typed in. Not when in my memory have I typed in “widget directory.” I have by no means even wanted to use a directory online they take also lengthy drilling down to find anything helpful. As for the proliferation of on-line directories not too long ago, they are frequently junk websites, making use of some automation software to create them in the first location. Many have been set up to deceive search engine robots into “thinking” they are beneficial web sites.

It is absolutely no surprise that Google has discovered a way of homing in on directories, if that is what they have carried out, and provided them a shove down the rankings with their latest algorithm modify. If their consumer does a search on a keyword or phrase, that’s what they are looking for. They are not hunting for a directory which, far more typically than not, is just a complete load of other links that could be connected. I find such sites very irritating if I’m looking am I the only 1? I doubt it folks want to get directly to a web site that has info on what they are hunting for one thing with added value.

No directory owner has the divine proper to syphon off Google’s tough won search clients. Google is doing a decent job at marketing: trying to look following its clients. The directory owners calling for a boycott of Google are doing no such thing. They had identified a way of acquiring high rankings, and now that method could have gone down the pan.

It is up to webmasters to do their personal advertising and marketing, and Google is an crucial part of our marketplace place. In the lengthy run, we require to see Google as a buyer and partner, as it sees us a customer and partner. Google is really a quite beneficial firm to webmasters, Google Sitemaps becoming a recent example of their desire to co-operate.

While some blinkered webmasters could see Google as an enemy (friend when they have a high ranking), it is up to the rest of us to try and apply some basic advertising and marketing practice. That signifies understanding what Google is hunting for and attempting to provide that need. After all, that is what Google does so successfully. We can all learn some thing.

Just look at Google’s Residence Page. The message is: “Ok, we know you’re right here to search, so get on with it. Here’s the search box.”

The message is not: “Hello, appear at my fairly page. Do you like my Flash, and my clever graphics? And what about those links all more than the place, are not they good? You want to search? Hang on a minute, there’s lots of pictures for you to appear at lower down, and how about going off to read about loads of other goods. Oh, alright, you want to search there’s a search box someplace close to the bottom I feel. You will locate it….ultimately.”

The secret of real marketing is to understand your marketplace as it is, and how it is most likely to develop. Google has created it obvious for a lengthy time what they want top quality content material that fills the wants of their search customers.

Hands up any person who’s truly searching for a directory?

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