Is Google The Answer?

As the proud new owner of your web designers Sydney website the first thing that you will want to do is to try to get your website on the first page of google for your main search term to try to generate sales leads and business from your new web design sydney .

But the question must be asked is Google the  best place to for your website to be. The answer is yes and it is most definitily the best place to have your website. Clearly, Google has a monopoly in the marketplace and every business and organisation is aiming to have their website within this main area.

The only problem is that the consumer who is really the end user is totally spoilt for choice and the varity of companies who are actually on this first page including all the pay per click businesses is incredibly competitive and for the uninformed person or business the choices are phenominal.

This does present problems for businesses who have actually achieved a great ranking for their web design . that being, if there are so many businesses on this bit of google real estate then as a business owner if you cannt stand out on this page you must look to ather areas to promote your website.

One must look to the more traditional places to promote ones business whether through direct marketing channels, cold calling, print adverts in industry specific publications, coherant and targeted social media strategies,  or even online banner adverts on other websites.

Business owners nowadays have to be a lot more web savvy and have to have their fingers in a lot more pies if they are going to suceed.

Gone are the days where you can just rely on Google for those all important sales leads

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