Microsoft worried about Google’s real-time preview of 10 Reasons

According to foreign media reports, the U.S. leading IT magazine “eWeek” Web site published an article today that Google has just launched the search function will lead to real-time preview of Microsoft’s concerns and to out of 10 reasons for this judge.Following is the text of the article:

Google has just launched its search platform, called an “instant preview of search,” the new feature, which is the essence of the user when viewing the search results page to view the content provided in advance. On Google, to provide this service will help it improve the user experience, to help users more quickly find the specific content of the search. There is no doubt that this new service will help Google for a long time compared to other competitors to keep the search advantage.

Of course, in the search business, Google is still the biggest competitive threat from Microsoft. Microsoft’s platform will be in Yahoo’s help, in the U.S. search market share has reached 28%, while Google shares, compared with 65%. Google wants to do most of the events is to prevent Microsoft wantonly grabbing market share, and now, the introduction of instant preview search Google will not only provide an excellent opportunity to check, but also raised concerns about Microsoft. In fact, if Google did not innovate, Microsoft also had the opportunity to let go of a catch, but the current is the fact that, Google re-launched a real-time preview of search capabilities, all in all, Google search will lead to the strengthening of Microsoft’s concerns, the following is 10 kinds of reasons.

1, the success of Instant Search

In a few months ago Google launched an instant search function, although some have always wanted to know what role to play in the end of the function, now in fact, very significant function of this section. Google Instant Search allows users to enter a keyword in the search box almost at the same time that you can see search results related to such results much faster than in the past, of course, help to improve the efficiency of Google services.Microsoft’s will should still provide some suggestions to the user, which is likely to increase Microsoft’s market share in search is not much help.

2, Google Mobile Search has improved steadily

Google has integrated instant search capabilities into its mobile search service.Because of this, Google’s services are able to survive in the field of smart phones and development. Of course, Microsoft’s will should also have good mobile search services on mobile devices but many have used Google and Microsoft will be the users do not quickly find that Microsoft has been good service.These users that Microsoft products in the mobile phone can only make some simple search, and if adding more complex search, Google’s mobile search was much stronger. From the current perspective, in order to catch up with Google mobile search company level, will take time, but also would be very difficult.

3, Google search extended to mobile operating systems WP7

Google made a smart decision is to put its search platforms to Microsoft’s new mobile operating system being used WP7, of course, this move does not necessarily mean that Google search will dominate the whole WP7 system, but it is undeniable , this would mean that consumers can search in Microsoft products, choose another program to search for content. If these users find Google’s search platform better, then Microsoft is in the reign of its own mobile operating systems to be trouble.

4, meaningful and timely Preview

Google intends to provide its search results in real-time preview of search decisions of great significance, so that users can start using this feature, will feel this feature to help them find a lot of the desired information. Because real-time preview feature to automatically search Google search experience to become a part of, so users do not need to install this feature, or switch to the feature. Users will find that they enter a search keyword, you can use real-time preview feature. In the immediate help of the preview function, users can quickly browse to the page topic, without having to open the link target page, which of course will give the user save a lot of trouble, greatly improve the user experience.Under the present circumstances at least, Microsoft has still not real-time preview of new features in Google’s response.

5, will be non-brand recognition

Microsoft’s search platform will be one of the important issues facing the need to be addressed: the brand recognition. Google almost synonymous with search, the typical case is that users will call other people “Google” some of the content, not to mention “Search.” Will be branded on the lack of such recognition, it is not just a large number of users are using search platform, so the visibility is difficult, as Google did. This well-known differences in the development of course contributed to the momentum of Google, which will be hurt.

6, correlation is still not a strong point will be

For most of the search terms will be the performance is acceptable, but sometimes some cases, users need to search some more complex themes, will be often require users to provide more detailed keywords, and Google search function will power a lot. If Microsoft can not promptly improve the search algorithm will be, then after the release of new features in Google, which of course worried about the prospects for the future.

7, not just search

Search for the Google and Microsoft will be the future are extremely important factors, but that does not mean that the search is the only factor. On the contrary, some accompanying services, including Google Maps, Google news and other services will help Google maintain its market leading position. Microsoft, of course, there are some other services, including maps, will be, but these services are not able to effectively attract users to participate, so this will continue to harm Microsoft, unless Microsoft can find a lot of excited users to use their service programs.

8, Google search advertising business strong

Microsoft’s real concern was the point is, it may be completely kicked out of online advertising. Google has proven time and again, the search of successful development of its advertising business is extremely important. Microsoft, of course, know this, of course, is its advertising platform to build their own one of the important reasons. However, Google’s AdWords and AdSense search advertising industry remains an important platform, which is precisely why Google ads through a lot of the reason for the profit, while Microsoft is still being hard to catch up.

9, the mobile advertising concern

When Google acquired the mobile advertising AdMob to support measures, the Microsoft headquarters sounded the alarm. AdMob is the leader in mobile advertising, through the right steps, Google will be able to effectively search and related applications by moving the program to profit from advertising and give Microsoft more face difficulties. The fact that is the case, Google in mobile advertising more powerful, Microsoft will be more difficult.

10, Microsoft’s lack of funds advantage

Microsoft used a variety of funds, in a bid to multiple areas of IT industry to establish their own dominance. Microsoft is investing heavily in Office, Windows, IE, etc., and is now investing the search business, but Microsoft’s money advantage is not in the search field in a leading position, because Google is facing in the field such a strong enemy, which is enough to make Microsoft worried . Microsoft’s investment in the field number in the search if you can not follow the example of Google, then it should be focused on creating innovative measures, but for now, Microsoft is not much in the search for innovation achievements.

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