Most Googled Searches

To find out what the most googled searches were today, you can check out Google Hot Trends, which will give you the top ten most googled searches of the past 24 hours.

This can be invaluable, if you can write a good article, with good SEO, and relevant content, before the interest in the subject dies down.

Many of the most googled searches in the past 24 hours are news stories, that only have a lifespan of a few days, or weeks at most.

Nevertheless, if you beat the opposition to the top spot on the first page of a very popular Google search, you can get thousands of clicks in one day, possibly millions.

I prefer writing articles for the long term, because that way you can build a good residual income from the most googled searches over a long period of time.

Finding out what the most googled searches of all time are, is not easy, but you can compare different relevant keywords on Google Trends.

The difference between Google Hot Trends, and Google Trends, is that the latter is more interested in comparing what the most googled searches are over many years, rather than the last 24 hours. You should also check out Google Insights for Search.

The most successful articles I have written are:

What are the most googled words of all time?

What are the most googled words on Google?

What are the most googled words?

What are the most searched words on Google? etc.

I do not actually know what the most googled words of all time are, because Google does not provide a list of them, but you can compare the popularity of any five words with each other, to see how popular they are over time, on Google Trends.

You can also compare search volumes over specific regions, categories, time frames, etc, on Google Insights for Search. Some popular searches are Facebook, YouTube, etc, but it says that worldwide top searches are unavailable.

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