POSCO and Google will create the future business system

Article by Rata

South Korea POSCO and the world’s largest Internet company Google decided to hand in hand to build the future business system.

POSCO and its IT company POSCO ICT and Google 23 to reach an agreement, through the core strength communication did raise enterprise value. This cooperation is August this year Google CEO Eric schmidt-in South Korea, POSCO President ZhengJunYang contributed to the Suggestions. At that time, ZhengJunYang and schmidt focused on using Google enterprise with computer processing technology, improve the POSCO business processes, and exploit the future career plan.

this month 8, ZhengJunYang POSCO President to visit Korea and the Google CEO Eric schmidt POSCO office in Seoul of business cooperation plan exchange opinions.

According to the agreement, POSCO decided to use Google’s search, Google maps with enterprise and the three dimensional simulation, etc. Various kinds of processing technology, to build the future management system “POSPIA3.0”.

That is, using Google search and maps function, construct the real-time monitoring of steel production to freight global logistics system, and through the simulation steel mills and reduce errors and large equipment investment cost. Use smart phones video conference system and automatic translation system also can be widely used in the business of POSCO.

POSCO deputy general manager Kim Sang-yeong said: “Google POSCO will introduce the technology and advanced enterprise culture, thus fundamentally changing the management mechanism of POSCO, this is the President’s ideas. Google will also be through the POSCO oneself of the service sector expanded to enterprise market and east Asia.”

Therefore, Google will have been developing enterprise application technology to provide POSCO, and planned to the need of the development of related technology POSCO shall be provided. POSCO and Google also agreed, establish by the two enterprise staff’s long-term future technology committee etc, choose to key research projects.

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