Seo Google Marketing

If you are a business owner with an online presence you may not even be aware of
startling revelations which will have a direct impact on your profits.
Forrester research recently issued a report on Google activities online which
foretells the fall of the mighty Google and your business too if you rely on ppc for traffic.
Some time ago i released a report on Google’s change to its algorithm code named
caffeine and i predicted a wave change in the search engine marketing game this has now come to pass and you need to know the facts and react before you too become a casualty of the seismic shift in the online marketing world.
Back in the early 2000 we in the marketing world began to hear a term called banner blindness
Basically this heralded a demise in revenue to almost zero from banner adverts consumers had become immune and some would say blatantly irritated with banner adverts and the Roi dwindled to zero. Fast forward to 2010 and we are beginning to see the same pattern emerging with regard to PPC adverts on google.
Basically the latest research has shown that click throughs for organic search results are actually higher than paid results on google.
Its been shown that position one of organic search results yielded upto 40% more click through’s than the number one slot in the paid ads on the same page.
Even more surprising is that the number 10 slot yields more click through’s than spots 4 to 9.
So how does that translate to your marketing efforts online?
Well basically PPC seems to have had its day the general public have finally
cottoned on to the fact that those ads positioned at the top of the page and at the side may actually not be the most relevant content to their search requirements and worse may have nothing to offer with regards to what they were actually searching for.
Basically being on page one on google organically rather than a paid position will yield far more click through’s and leads.
this astonishing trend means some radical shifting of the budget for online
marketing is required to maintain your ROI on online marketing.
But this is where it gets murky Google in its vanity is run by very smart people and this is its Achilles heel because if you are smart enough you can take them on at their own game and get that now coveted page one listing giving you FREE the traffic you would have had to pay for.
Finding a marketing partner who understands this seismic shift and how to overcome i it will be essential for survival in fact this is the new gold rush of online marketing.
We are one of those companies who have successfully reverse engineered the google algorithm we have successfully placed companies on page one of google where the competition has been staggering for example one client had over 12 million competing pages and in one case over 25 million pages. we put them all over page one on google for the relevant search terms So if you rely on traffic from google talk to us now to ensure your future in fact working with us could guarantee world domination in your market as the google PPC empire falls in to decline

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