The Naked Truth About Google Sniper From George Brown

I dunno about you but the first time i saw one of the promotions of the google sniper a la “Traffic God” George brown, it was on the warrior forum …

.. some 19yr old kid who had cracked the make money online formula with a system called google sniper.

Yeah … RIGHT!?

And considering the bazilion make money online scams in the wild west internet (especially packed under the google name), i dismissed mr george brown and his google sniper product as such.

My thought at the time?

“Good luck Mr Brown .. google will slap your ar** good. Only a matter of time before this google sniper scam becomes public”

However i was completely wrong ..

After i started seeing well known and trusted warriors writing back in with positive results, i realised that i might have been a wee hasty thinking that a google sniper scam was in play ..

So i did what many do ..

.. Bit the bullet and succumbed to my curiousity on the google sniper and ..

i’m glad i did.

This is my nitty gritty mini google sniper review ..

The good, the bad and the ugly (yes i’m a clint eastwood fan .. don’t snipe me *g*) on the google sniper system from george brown ..

So What In Tarnation Is Google Sniper?

Rather than regurgitating what others are writing online i’ll quote george brown’s explanation on page 5 of 99 ..

.. from one google sniper to a future google sniper cadet.

.. Straight from the horse’s mouth (couldn’t resist on that cheeky pun)

George Brown’s explanation of what google sniper is all about:

“I ‘zoom in’on a niche within a niche, target a very specific keyword and build a whole 4-5 page website dedicated to it. I target these keywords and optimize my websites with such precision, that google is almost forced into giving me a high ranking.”

Dunno about you, but almost ‘Forcing google’ to give you a high ranking sounds pretty wickedly awesome to me ..

.. And the google sniper system will help you achieve that goal LEGALLY even if you start out as a noobie like i did.

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The Good About Google Sniper

As a google sniper myself, what i appreciated about the system the most is the no bulls*** approach george brown takes …

.. How many times have you bought an information product that promises you to solve a problem you have and falls flat on its promise by serving you generic rehashed crap with a little bow tie to make the product “look” oh so pretty?

I’m guessing all too often …

… Well with the content from google sniper you won’t be getting any of that nonsense.

George gets straight to the point in his google sniping manual (which is a light and entertaining read despite the 99 pages).

Vdeos and monthly Q&A with george brown are also included in the google sniper members’ area that show the methods deployed …

… and how George is keeping up to date with google and in its never ending policies on ranking websites.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by not only the monthly membership (which is optional) but the no fluff, “i’m not going to waste your time and get straight to the point” approach by the chief google sniper, George brown.

The Bad About Google Sniper

I have never seen a product that literally takes you by the hand telling you what to do, why to do it and how to do it but the google sniper may not be for everyone ..

.. Sometimes george discusses strategies assuming people know techie stuff like ftp and wordpress.

A perfect example is module 3 where he talks about twitter strategies and how you can start creating viral tweet traffic ..

So if you’re a bit technically challenged like i am, you might find the learning curve a bit steep .. in the beginning.

The only thing i can say is this ..

.. If you are not willing to put in the time to research the minimal few of the more technical aspects (which are readily available online) than google sniper is NOT for you.

Ofcourse there’s always the likelihood that you’ll just buy the product and won’t commit to it .. But i won’t even go there.

The Ugly About Google Sniper

Altough I’d like to take a bat and hit the google sniper product like a madman on sniper steroids i need to be honest with you ..

.. I could’t find anything awful about google sniper that would warranty such behavior.

With a lot of “Google Information Products” that have had a bad reputation in the past, one would be sceptical about “yet another google product” .. the google sniper.

However as a current google sniper member myself, i can assure you as an insider ..

.. There is nothing Fishy, Scammy or Ugly Sinister Evil about google sniper.

Nope. There is nothing that goes bump in the night.

The system is Legit and unlike many information products .. you won’t have to be bombarded senseless with emails from george even if you just want to inform yourself about the google sniper by joining his FREE list …

… which i highly recommend doing, even if you don’t want or cannot afford to invest in the google sniper training.

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Your Ultimate Google Sniper Decision ..

At this point you are at a crossroads .. to commit to the google sniper training or not by investing in it.

Look ..

.. At the end of the day you have to ask yourself a question that i asked myself when i first started my google sniper training ..

Is this course for me?

Unfortunately i can’t answer that question for you because ..

.. The only one than can answer the question honestly is … well … YOU.

However, If you’re committed to what george brown teaches you in the google sniper training lounge and implement what you learn as soon as you learn it …

.. Then there really is no reason why you wouldn’t succeed.

The only sound advice i can give you on your way, is to make sure to read and take the time  to learn the google sniper system..

.. Document your progress in a notebook if you have to.

Make sure to snipe ….errr i mean eliminate all distractions during your google sniper training, keep  the excitement levels to a minimum and don’t rush yourself …

..  Be dedicated and have fun with the system and i’m sure it will only be a matter of time before you start succeeding as an online entrepreneur as well :-)

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