The On-line Google Internetatorship

Article by Taylor Steele

Like the rest of you I have used and loved Google’s cutting edge search engine service for many years; however as I’ve grown older I’ve become more reliant on the Google search engine and the free search engine related products it offers. Now as a small business owner (Swap it! Encrypt it!) I’ve come to realization that Google and some of the ways they chose to operate are not as great as I once thought. In fact, I’ve come to the realization that human beings of the computer/internet age live in a Google Internetatorship.

Why is Google the internet dictator; because, they have assumed almost sole and absolute control (power) over internet searches and how those processes are conducted (even though Google is not a “monopoly” ). Google knows they are the dominate global search engine yet they continue to choose to deal with people and the small businesses that use their system (service) with out regard and in some cases in unfair ways. Has Google been “blinded by the light”?, or are the people at Google doing the best they can to “serve” the unique needs of any and all parties that REQUIRE their search engine service?

Here are Some Examples of Google’s Malice

Recently Google made changes to their serp listings process that will more than likely give preference to the already well established corporate giants that use internet to sell their wares. Google announced recently that they would be tailoring their search engine users search results based on their search history. Personalized search results are not new; however, until recently Google had only been tailoring a users search engine results when that user was signed into their Google account. Google has now formulated and implemented away to personalize search results whether you are using a Google account or not; because of this major change Google users search results will now more heavily reflect sites they have already visited and used before. This of course will make it extremely hard for people to find newer smaller businesses that are just starting out, and of course this will be a huge disadvantage to new on-line companies. There is also a disadvantage to persons searching Google, as Google’s new search engine tactics will make it harder for them to find newer products or services that offer a better deal.

A lot of people have had problems contacting Google for help with it’s products and services. As a rule Google offers different forums where it expects the user to find the relevant information they need. Here’s a quote from just one unhappy Google user “I feel like I’ve been taken in circles. How hard is it to just have me E-MAIL someone a question at Google?”.

Google Ad sense has be known to ban users (including myself) for click fraud when no such fraud has ever occurred. Their system for determining an advertisers actual responsibility in any click fraud case is unclear and minimal at best. They have zero tolerance. This unfortunately means innocent advertisers easily fall victim to being excluded form Google’s advertising program without there every being just cause.

In the end the decision as to what search engines will best suit and serve your needs is up to you; however, I hope that will take what I have said here into consideration. As for Google I hold no ill wishes against them or their company; however, this blog should act as a wake up call for them! They need to see the importance of implementing fairer practices when making changes to how their search engine system works.

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