The Pros Of Google Plus Pages

Google+ initially appeared to be cause for excitement amongst many, with internet marketing agencies in London quick to attempt to gain insight into what the Google expansion would mean for Marketing strategies and the opportunities it would bring for their brands. However, despite Coca Cola, Starbucks, H&M and over 62 million active users – for many, Google+ remains an enigma.

Google+ is a social media platform; it looks a lot like Facebook (pre-timeline) and on first glance, acts like it too. However, it differs from other Social Media platforms in ways that could see Google+ becoming a success not just up against other platforms, but in its own right instead:

1.  Seeing as Twitter is dealing with the urge to ‘follow’ Voldemort, Jesus and various other weird and wonderful accounts, Google+ have decided that their Personal pages are exclusively for real people and their brand pages exclusively for real brands – meaning that when you network with someone on G+, you know you’ve got the right person. Similarly, when you follow a brand, you know you’re getting the real deal.

2.  With networking in mind, both personal and brand pages offer brilliant networking opportunities. Google+ is a relatively untapped resource right now, meaning that all of the people you may want to connect with who are inundated on a daily basis through their Twitter and Facebook accounts will potentially find Google+ a more refreshing space and thus have a higher likelihood of noticing you when you make a smart move like adding interesting commentary to their content, or beginning a discussion that interests them. For example, a Digital Marketing agency in London could happily connect with a potential

3.  Instead of ‘followers’ or ‘friends’, Google+ offers circles. This means segregating your contacts into any format you wish – i.e. ‘family’, ‘friends’, ‘colleagues’ for a personal account. Google+ allows you cherry pick which you interact with at any time. This is incredibly useful – with the endless content streamed on twitter feeds and no ability to close certain content off from your own followers, it can end up being overwhelming and restricting. Google+ allows you to manage all of this with ease! It’s also a great time-saver for digital marketing agencies in London when targeting specific demographics.

4.  For brands, Google+ offers the opportunity to view and interact with your public directly with the ability to view any fans public space once they choose to interact with you – bringing the interactivity of Twitter to the versatility of Facebook wall posts!

5.   In true cloud style and worlds ahead of other social media, Google are due to introduce screen-sharing, shared notes and sketchpads as well as video chat to their interaction mix – bringing endless opportunities to brands and Digital marketing agencies in London.

On top of the aforementioned benefits of Google+, search engine domination opportunity on a professional or brand level can be included, as well as the absolutely definite continuation of interactivity options. Google+ is extremely organised, brimming with opportunity and definitely worth investing time in now! If you’re a brand – don’t make the mistake of not asking your super savvy London digital marketing agency to set up your branding and create a strategy though!

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