Why Google Sitemaps are so Essential for the Good results of your Company

“Some say Google is God. Other people say Google is Satan. But if they believe Google is also potent, bear in mind that with search engines in contrast to other organizations, all it takes is a single click to go to yet another search engine.” This quote was made by Sergey Brin, a single of the co-founders of Google with Larry Page.

Search engines have turn into so powerful and crucial to the good results of each company. No matter whether or not you assume Google is God, Satan or just an ordinary search engine, the truth nevertheless holds accurate that the results of every single organization on the World wide web is in portion determined by the outcomes of their search engine marketing. Because Google is so popular, the organizations who are most visible in Google are the companies who discover wonderful good results simply because of their search engine optimization efforts.

The answer is in Google Sitemaps!

These days, I want to speak about Google Sitemaps – the most simple way to enhance your website’s visibility in the Google search engine. This is something that is mainly performed by Web developers because it demands knowledge of hosting but nowadays I am going to show you how the average/everyday individual can make use of and implement Google Sitemaps for their business.

To offer you with a story of its value – lately, we setup Google Sitemaps for a single of our clientele and the final results were staggering. Before we implemented and submitted their sitemap file to Google, we checked the number of pages that had been indexed and it came to approximately three,000 pages. Following two week of submitting their sitemap file to Google, that number increased to 8,000. This indicates that we were able to a lot more than double their quantity of Net pages that were indexed in the Google search engine.

A couple of days later, the client called me to share some great news. They just created a $ 2,000 sale from one of their new on the internet products they not too long ago listed on their internet site, just a week ago. Why was this amazing news for them? Well initial of all, it was a nice profitable sale but more importantly, this indicates that the sitemap process was capable to index their new content in Google inside days. If they did not have a sitemap process setup, the rate at which their new item could have been indexed could possibly been closer to 60 days if not ever. By submitting a file directly to Google with their new Web page, Google was in a position to take that details and instantly index the new content material in their search index.

This is just one particular instance of how Google Sitemaps has elevated our client’s sales and achievements on the World wide web. I could share a lot of other stories of Google Sitemaps’ good results but for the goal of this article I’d like to share with you how our Sitemap Manager product which will allow you can easily implement Google Sitemaps for your organization with no worrying about making and submitting the method manually and on a frequent basis.

Hudson Horizons’ HH Sitemap Manager permits you to register on the internet to develop and automated a sitemap submission for your web site to Google Sitemaps and Yahoo!’s Web site Explorer. The HH Sitemap Manager will tremendously boost the visibility of your site by submitting your Internet pages to the Google and Yahoo! index three occasions a week.

The HH Sitemap Manager will provide better crawl coverage and fresher search final results to aid men and women uncover far more of your web pages. The following are some of the features and rewards of using the HH Sitemap Manager.

Automated submission to Google Sitemaps three instances a week.
Automated submission to Yahoo!’s Website Explorer three times a week.
View and track the statistics of each Sitemap submission.

Ease of Use! After the Sitemap is setup for your domain, it will run 3 instances a week automatically, totally eliminating the approach for you to do it manually and on a frequent basis.
Enhanced URL visibility.
Much better crawl coverage of your site.
Fresher search outcomes.
More rapidly indexing of your Web pages and their content material.
Google Sitemaps has provided a lot results for my clients on the Web. I’m confident that if you implement Google Sitemaps for your company, you will greatly increase your visibility, sales and success in a very brief period of time.

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