A New Year – A New Yahoo

About a month ago, Yahoo announced that a number of layoffs were taking spot in order to trim down and cut expenses. As it turns out, these layoffs were straight associated to the downsizing of Yahoo’s existing item line. On December 16, news leaked that the organization is shutting down a quantity of items including Yahoo Buzz, MyBlogLog, AllTheWeb, Yahoo Picks, AltaVista and the tremendously mourned Delicious. This news seems to be rocking the World wide web planet. No one, possibly not even Yahoo, seemed to understand that so many folks held their Delicious bookmarks so dearly.

Yahoo released a statement saying “part of our organizational streamlining entails cutting our investment in underperforming or off-technique items to put greater focus on our core strengths and fund new innovation in the subsequent year and beyond.” This statement followed the screenshot leak of an internal presentation that outlines which items are going to be killed off, which goods are set to be merged and which items are planned to turn out to be characteristics.

Just days right after the news broke, Yahoo released one more statement saying Delicious could not be fully dead. Now Yahoo is contemplating promoting the product to a new organization. That news marked one more turn in the story that further confused Delicious patrons about the planet. It is now completely uncertain what will come about to Delicious and the other Yahoo products.

For these of you who are worried about losing your Delicious bookmarks to the depths of the Internet, fear not. Yahoo is ready to support users export their bookmarks to maintain them secure and sound. Nonetheless, numerous other properties are swiftly cropping up claiming they are the greatest alternative service to Delicious and individuals are listening to these claims. Delicious bookmarks are rapidly depleting although other services such as Pinboard, Diigo, Evernote and startups such as YourVersion and Springpad are experiencing surges.

Cutting 1 of the 1st effective social-net and bookmarking internet sites is disheartening. With all these new and uncertain modifications, we hope for Yahoo’s sake that it will spend off in the finish. We’ll be searching for thrilling and competitive new items in the course of the subsequent year.

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