Building Your Own Website With Yahoo! Domains

Domain names are addresses on the internet. They allow people to locate your site easily and get quick access to your online pages. In the virtual world, a domain is one of the most important tools for local business and personal advertising. Yahoo! domains provides a service that makes this process a lot easier — and dependable.

The Advantages of Having Your Own Domain Name

Domains establish your credibility.  If you are running a business, for example, it is a very good way to drive customers and gain their trust by proving that your services are well established and that there are no scams involved in transactions. 

Also, a website is a very convenient place to promote your products through advertising.  Videos, pictures, and text can be included in your online page to further elaborate on the services you offer, so that customers do not have to go through the taxing job of asking around for price and product comparison.

Yahoo! allows customers to purchase domain names directly from them, at prices ranging from .95 to .75 for 1-year to 5-year contracts. At the end of the hosting period, your domain will automatically be renewed, and the same fee will be charged for as long as you would like to continue using Yahoo! domain hosting services.

For those who have already purchased their addresses from a different host, and would like to transfer their account to Yahoo!, domain transfer services are also available.

Services Offered

Web hosting by Yahoo! allows customers to be complacent with the fact that their domain is hosted by a trusted provider. Yahoo! also provides a user-friendly interface that saves time and effort by providing all you need online.  You don’t have to download anything or learn to write html codes; creating a website with Yahoo! will be as easy as surfing the net.  The company also offers 24-hour online support so you can contact them any time, should you need any assistance.

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